Wandering emperor is not very seen for the http://www.wecanvalve.cn so-called“God’s will”Man,Originally just a tramp,I became a strong dragon-level geeks in one fell swoop.,Ability is the light ball that releases the destructive power。

ZombieSLevel hero,Its own attack power is very ordinary,Not evenALevel hero,But he has quite horrible physique。
That is, even if it is burned into a bone shelf.,Still being made into a meat sauce,Body can be perfectly regenerated。
can only say“wack”Definition,Can only be determined by its own will,Compared with the wandering land that doesn’t have different people with ordinary people,Zombie men are more like geeks,But at this time, the position they live is especially the opposite.。
One more like geeks choose to protect humans,A guy looking like a hero,But choose to become a geek destroyed humanity。
Chapter 685 Jenos Must be a night
Land http://www.360jzfw.cn emperor uses light ball to destroy zombie men’s body,But the latter is like a small strength that is not dead.,Can stand up every time。
Unfortunately, the ability of zombie men has no solution,But his attack means almost no,Actually chooseBLevel heroes rarely used pistols。
Although the pistol is transformed,But the wavy is the dragon-level geeks,I am afraid that it is a transformed pistol.,It is also a little fart.。
So the zombie male at this time,Basically, maintain the situation of unilaterally hitting,The body has been destroyed,But I can’t die.。
The attack of the pistol is in front of the Wandel Emperor,Even in the scratch,The two sides have been stalemate.。
And when the sudden ice spreads,Limited to the land of the Wave,Zombie male decisively chooses running road。
Although he can’t die,But this doesn’t mean that he likes to be abused.,I am obviously not the opponent of this dragon.,It is also wasting time.。
When you are fighting,The zombie man immediately listened to Toyi in the radio,Enter channel,still got moreSLevel hero。
And they discuss,Basically, this sudden cold wave is going on.。
“I just scanned with a computer.,The coverage area of this cold wave has spread all over the entire monsters.。
And since it only attacks the geeks,And what is indifferent to us,It can be seen that people in our camp,But who is it??”
Tong Emperor is hitting the keyboard in a fast,He also just got rid of the entanglement of Phoenix men.,If it is not this cold wave,I have just contemporated it.。
Jenos is leaning on the wall with a broken body,Because energy consumption is too big,He is temporarily unable to participate in the battle。
“No need to think more,Such a cold strength,It must be a night.。
Think about it is normal,Both my two sisters are involved in fighting here.,That guy is impossible to see a look。”
Jienos also analyzed the ice data on the ground with a computer,The result is the same as he thinks.,The ice ingredients with frozen seafood are completely consistent。
“Night?In other words, the tyrannical cold wind has also followed the weirdo association??So where is the location at this time??”
Ze Jinge, as a total command,Also join the radio channel,Some excitement。
In fact,SLevel hero encounters dragon-level people,And each of them caught in a hard work,Ze Jindal will regret it for his own decision.。
He did not expect it,The genius of the monsters is actually so strong,“Dragon geek”Occasionally I can’t afford it.,But the monsters have gathered so much.!
This is“Dragon-level disaster”what,Can instantly destroy the existence of several cities,So much quantity。
And Jenos they encountered is only the monsters.“cadre”,The so-called leader geeks Wang Big snake has not appeared yet,Unable to believe how strong the strength of the other party。
Previously saw the sufferingSLevel hero,Ze Jingel thought that his career is over.。
If he is wrong,lead toSLevel hero is full,Then human beings are basically finished.。
Good“Tyrannical cold wind”Suddenly running out to save the land,Finally pay the situation。
for“Tyrannical cold wind”Strength,Ze Jingel is quite convincing,Although the hero ranking of the night is not the highest。
But according to the calculation of the super computer,The strength of the tyrannical cold wind is the only thing that can be comparedKgMr.’s existence。
“The tyrannical cold wind does not carry radio,So I can’t find his position.。
However, according to the strength released by the ice.,Evil energy,Should be in this place。”