“Can I ask for a loss?,Even if I have a role, I can’t get it.!”Li Xiaon said that he also said that he was strong and dissatisfied.,

“I am impressive with the brilliant smile on my face.,what is it today!”
“Not because you have a action without me!”
“Small man,Have the opportunity to go to the foreigners to go to learn,Waiting for the task after learning, you can take you.。”Rui Rui,
“This is what you said。”Li Xiaon said that his face opened a charming smile.,
Look in her cute to the extreme,I can’t help but pinch her face.,Say:“Just tell me this big!”
“Humph,Who let you take me?!”Li Xiaon played a ghost face,
“What do you need?,Is money enough?”
“enough,I haven’t used it for the last time.,move!”
Huangpujiang Xinyang Terminal,Zheng Yaoxian and Xu Baichuan took four people to hide in secret observation of the pier.。
“Four brothers,You are sure that the goods and people are here.?”
“Old six,This is the boss gives me the information.,It should be failed。”
“So late, the pier is still so busy,Four brothers,Who is we looking for??”
NS428chapter See if you don’t have any business
Xu Baichuan thought that this task is not difficult,It seems that it is not that thing.,This Xinyang Wharf is the asset of the chivalry.,Because the society is pressed by the Japanese,The busy basics now are all the people of the Anqing General Meeting.。
Zheng Ziliang, a senior chivalry society, and his association have been detained by Anqing General Meeting.,The main post behind this is the small day to Bailiang’s Shanggong Hall.。
“Old six,The chivalry agency has been secretly helping us to make materials and money.,Can be disappeared before a month ago,The boss’s intelligence he should be secretly detained by Anqing General.,And this Xinyang Terminal is likely to be a place to deta.。”
“so,We have to save people?”
“It is best to save it.,Because he masters a lot of smuggling channels。”Xu Baichuan said,
“Four brothers,This matter makes the small nine gently,Why do you insist not to use him??”Zheng Yao first strangely,
“Old six,Some business doing by the chivalry agencies are not on the table.,Especially privately and even a business with http://www.lsmusic.cn traitors or even Japanese,This is forced to have,The boss is also worried about what Xia9 mistake will。”
“What is wrong?,It is special period now,We are also helpless for the material funds. Even if you have made some violations of conscience.,You look at the quarry, we have to go directly to the investigation basically,Can only spend money to see if people who can buy a dock,But this is likely to fight the snake。”Zheng Yao said first,
“But the boss’s command is best not to let the child know。”
“Four brothers,I do not quite understand,Since Zheng Ziliang has a Japanese,Why is it to be held by Anqing General??”Zheng Yao first asked,
“Japanese should know that Zheng Ziliang is behind Chongqing.,They also want to continue to continue,But the middleman wants them to order,This way they have active,Can also get some intelligence from our supplies。”Xu Baichuan said,
http://www.wchats.cn “I thought that you brought any particular difficult danger, I was afraid to implicate it to Xiaojiu.,It is a saving people,We only need to let the little nine to check the exact concentration of Zheng Ziliang,Then I will find a way。”
“The boss should have never thought of this task so hard.,It seems that we affirm that the dock can be explored at night.,Then let’s go back first.,Six brothers you inform Xiaojiu to check Zheng Ziliang’s drop,if it is possible,Ask him to hide the goods?。”Xu Baichuan agreed to Zheng Yao’s suggestion,
“How much payment?”
“this……I’m not so sure either,I want to ask Zheng Ziliang to know。”
Zheng Yao first understands what is going on.,The boss should be aware of the sense of justice.,So I don’t want him to know those who are in private.。
On the third day of rush back, I went to the public rental to visit Chen Jiaying.,Come here and I want to know what the task of the devil’s investigation pier is now.。
“Ritual,After this task group, I only gave me a call.,Then there will be no contact,As far as I know, they go to Hangzhou to investigate.,When I say this, I still want to ask you.,How did you act in the night??Because traces indicate that you didn’t use flashlight at that time.?”Chen Jiaying asked curiously,
“Jiaxiang Sister,Because many times we will face this situation,I have accepted this training。”
“That case, the Japanese should think of this is a senior special medicine.?”
“not necessarily,Even if it is accepted,I don’t see the same as the blind.。”
“Ritual,The task force will definitely not find you.?”
“Jiaying Sister is rest assured,Certainly not。”