Three people ready to go,Yu Zhe looked at him(qíng)The situation is a bit unclear so。

“how,Don’t want to see me so much~”Shi Mu Luo threw a large backpack into Maureen’s trunk,Smiling and calmly said to Yu Zhe,“Do not worry,I won’t grab your commission,Simply bored and take a look。”
“That was not what I meant……”
Yu Zhe looked at Shi Mu Luoyi(shēn)Casual dress up,Loose jeans with long-sleeved lightweight sweater,High ponytail,Completely without makeup,But the charm of the look is undiminished。
“This task is not easy,She just worried about you。”Maureen cut in abruptly beside,Directly put Shi Mu Luo in a bewildered situation,Refutation is not,Admit it’s not。
“No problem,Don’t worry,But you……Just cultivated,Don’t take risks together。”Yu Zhe subconsciously wants to hold Shi Mu Luo’s arm,But she is in a normal state and conscious,Nothing special(qíng)condition,Had to withdraw my hand,Keep a comfortable distance with her。
“I’m fine,”Shimoluo, who has always been clever-toothed, was suddenly confused because of what Maureen said just now. I don’t know how to continue.,So(xìng)Can only give up explanation,Get directly into the car,The three went to the mission location together。
Maureen took great pains,Watching Shi Muluo want to sit in the position of the co-pilot,Immediately threw a large box of equipment in advance,He can only do so much,Leave the rest to Yu Zhe freely,But he doesn’t seem to be reliable,It’s totally like I don’t plan to say anything。
Shi Twilight saw Maureen“(yīn)Conspiracy”But there is no way,Who told her she couldn’t help but follow,Blame yourself for being unsatisfied。
She didn’t even read the information before she decided to follow,Can only sit in the back seat and look down at the information,She has never been so hurried to perform tasks。
Yu Zhe propped one hand on the car window,I look at the scenery outside the window, but I peek at it from time to time。
He has seen her lively(ài),Have seen her dignified and elegant,Have seen her strong and fragile,Have seen her indifference(qíng),And now it seems to be a different kind of taste。
He is just a“clumsy”People,I can’t see when she really meant it,Maybe she never had any sincerity……
If I spend the rest of my life with her now……Maybe it’s also a good choice。
He doesn’t want to go anymore,Drive out all the things that you don’t want to do in your mind,Since the two of them both decided to give up,Now again“One go(qíng)deep”It’s no use anymore,It’s better to think about the task。
“Why don’t you think about taking on such tasks?”Shi Muluo asked Maureen contemptuously after browsing the information。