Principles of dieting for the treatment of grains


Principles of dieting for the treatment of grains

Understand the taste of whole grains, in order to grasp the principles of diet and food.

銆€銆€Wheat: contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and amylase to help digestion, maltase, etc., is also rich in vitamin E, is essential nutrients to protect the body’s blood, heart, nerves and other normal functions; in addition to eating wheat or enhance memory, raise your heart and calm your nerves.

銆€銆€Millet: Sexual sweet and slightly cold, with spleen, dehumidification, soothe the nerves and other effects.

銆€銆€Corn: The world-recognized 鈥済olden crop鈥? cellulose is 4-10 times higher than fine rice and fine flour.

Cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, eliminate colorectal cancer factors, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

Corn can also absorb a part of the body’s glucose, which can alleviate diabetes.

銆€銆€Soybean: Sexually sweet and smooth, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and widening the body, moistening and eliminating water, can help treat hoarding diarrhea, bloating and thinness, pregnancy poisoning, sore throat, traumatic bleeding and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Mung bean: Sexually sweet and cold, it has a diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst.

銆€銆€Bean: Sexually sweet, with spleen, dampness, heat, detoxification, hemostasis, and thirst.

As a therapeutic food for kidney disease, Chinese medicine cowpea can supplement the five internal organs, benefit Qi and neutralize the meridians.

銆€銆€Buckwheat: Protein is 1 higher than rice and flour.


2 times, 濮?is 2-2 more.

5 times, and the concentration of linoleic acid in the buckwheat glutinous ingredient is easily absorbed by the body and has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol in the human body.

Buckwheat has less sugar and is an ideal food for diabetics.

銆€銆€Buckwheat: Quinoa contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” which are not found in other grains. Its vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 are more than 3-4 times more than wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times more.

The niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are all drugs for treating hypertension. Regular consumption of buckwheat has certain curative effect on diabetes, and buckwheat is used for external treatment to cure or treat sore and sore.

銆€銆€Barley: It is slippery, so it is often eaten with the previous rice. It can also be used to make cakes for cooking. It can also be used to make tea and drink beer.

The starch content of barley is slightly lower than that of rice and wheat, while the protein, calcium, B vitamins and other substances are much higher than rice, and have the effect of spleen appetizing. The malt is sweet and warm, can be consumed, gas, and milk.

Because of its cold, people with debilitating body should eat less or not eat.

銆€銆€Sorghum: Sorghum is sweet and warm, and it has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

In children with indigestion, you can take sorghum into the pot and fry, remove the shell powder, take 2-3 grams each time.

However, the sorghum temperature is high, and it contains acidic and astringent diarrhea. Constipation is not suitable for consumption.