Put eight treasures in front of her,“Blue,Fast food,No peanuts!”

Blue Xin wants to say,Drink http://www.haiyangjx.cn porridge。
Lu Haocheng saw,She has something to say,There is no anti-eye chopstick,Slowly open:“Do you want to know what Joe Yiyi is??”
Blue Xin nodded。
“Already in prison。”
He is not willing to tell her,I am afraid that she is guilty.,Joe Yiyi hits the second uncle,He has found evidence.。
She repeatedly leaked the evidence of blue and blue,He always knows,The Journey is installed in the office of Joeyi.。
This thing he will deal with,Will not let her have a burden。
“what……”Blue Xinyi,Think about it,A few days,Evidence is really hard。
“so,Blue,Don’t think more about this,She is a sin.。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,I gave her a bowl of buttons soup.。
“Your favorite butter soup,I have known。”
“Thanks husband!”
Lan Xin is not gathered in Joe Yiyi.,She has to do it.,However, Lu Hao Cheng opened his hands.,She is not necessary to entangle it.。
Lu Haocheng looked at her not pursued.,It’s a relief.。
The two don’t have long time after dinner,Le Yu,Le Zhenxi,Mu Zihao also came over。
Lu Haocheng looked at a few people,Continue to Blue Xinli http://www.newbienews.cn Banana。
“Blue,feel better now?”
Le Yu holds a little auspicious to sit by her。
“Uh-huh,Gather,I have been very much better.,Is not too hard。”
Blue Xin is a bit helpless,She is really small in her body.。
“You,I almost scared me.。”
Le Yu is complaining about Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haozheng knows that Le Yu is meaning,Didn’t watch her,Focus on sitting。
“Blue,Be careful in the future。”
Le Zhenxi also looked at Lu Haozheng,This dog man,Always protect the blue blue。
Mu Ziyou looked at the look of the two people,Silently move open eyes。
“Ah Cheng,You have a very beautiful thing.,Timely saving the blue blue。”
He has to stand it here.,A become pitiful。
Le Yu gave him a death staring.。