IGEveryone has a little incredible to confuse a few eyes.,Coach admitted to the player。

Don’t say other teams,ThisIGTeam history,Absolutely rare,Not seeIGVeteranrookieAre you surprised??
As for the focus mentionedtheshy,Then the next consciousness nodded,It seems that I remembered the pair of torture。
But rotary,He also converges the expression。
then,He looked at the king sea carefully.,Seeing that Wang Hai is looking at him with a smile.,He is essential to scratch the head.。
“No,In addition to http://www.shangshangroup.cn going to the way,Other roadBPIn fact, you are doing very well.。”
ngTry to open the opening。
He is a big feature,Usually it is also easy to be a piece with others。
But for the Wang Hai,In addition to fear, he is afraid.。
Wang Hao, I glanced.。
“You don’t have to comfort me,ArriveMSIThe first team,It is from the finalist.PVB。”
“I admit,Me too,Some bad enemy。”
Toned,Wang Hai sweptIGEvery player,Just continue:“I assure you,Next,Never there will be this situation again。”
“so,You also have to promise me。”
ngNarrate,I am preparing to be the first person to respond.。OthersIGPlayner,Also after this, I am ready to start responding to Wang Hai.。
“Give me the arrogance of your world championship!fromS8At the end of the day,You have already embarked on a new way.。”
“This road,HaveS8Full-time landscape。As http://www.sunddin.cn long as you work hard forward,You can see all the scenery。”
“but!If you are not careful。Then do you have how high it is now?,When you fall,How miserable。”
Finish,Wang Hai is again slowIGEvery player。After seeing the expression of the players,He nodded with satisfaction.。
“do you understand?”
Wang Haicheng asked。
Neat one,Sound of sound loudness。
existIGandPVBAfter the end of the game,The next game isSKTandFWthe match of。
This game,IGThe players did not have time to see it.,They need to prepare for their next game。
G2Absolutely not weakening,even,This year, there are people adjusted them.,It can be said that it has become a world’s top team。
G2Last year’s breakthroughADC,Directly changed,NSPGo directly from the middle road to the road。
In ApPAfterward,People who replace him,Also http://www.jgyynk.cn let allG2Fans of fans。
but,Until today,How many people have not been there,Think that this outer number is still worthcapsNS。
capsThese two years of performance,Absolutely the level of the world’s top China。
Just like that sentence,He is him,Not an alternative to anyone。
Nowcaps,That iscaps,Nothingbabyfaker。
InG2Got this doubleCLater,They take off directly in their own.。
Exaggeration of domain,If it is not because the player’s mind is too happy,On the end of the spring,Forced a few times a few times。
I am afraidG2Point,WillfulIGexistLPLStill terror。
so,For such an opponent,IGHow to pay attention to。