Although most people don’t do things like framing the boss,But abandoning the boss often happens。

“Forget it,That unlucky ghost,Leave him alone!”With Thorn,Why do you want Xi Keen?。
West Cohen,Easy to kill him。
A bad ghost who is still lying on the ground is still pouting his ass,The heart that had originally planned to simply enjoy it has become nervous again。
Why haven’t you come?
Langte Got and Leo briefly talked about taking over West Cohen’s forces.,Seren listened boringly。
It seems that everything has nothing to do with him。
Leo doesn’t care about seeing Seun,Said immediately:“Trangote,Although this guy is a senior thug in the Chamber of Commerce,But also a part-time scholar,Collect more books and newspapers for this guy if you can”
Langter Goth gave Thorn a weird look,He didn’t expect this guy to be a scholar,Although it is part-time。
Because there are too few scholars in Pirate World,There are pirates with brains and muscles everywhere。
Four or five-year-old children in Dahai wanted to be a pirate,In this atmosphere, how many are willing to calm down and learn knowledge。
“I am not a part-time scholar,But a serious scholar!When the organization’s thugs are just forced to help!”
Leo pouted:“Even people who don’t know ancient writing dare to say that they are serious scholars?”
Thorn suddenly died down,I can’t make it through this stalk。
“In addition,We are a serious chamber of commerce,Fogo Chamber of Commerce,Not some underworld organization!”
Seun was really surprised this time。
There are still serious chambers of commerce these days?Not always doing business,Do you act as a pirate most of the time?。
Seun looked at Leo and didn’t refute anything.,He doesn’t want to hear the words of ancient characters anymore。