“Chen You actually have thirty, ah?

I thought you were more than 20 years old.,You should also appears great deal of research on health ah!”
“no,no,I was thousands of miles apart, but still far in front of you。”
Chen has just finished these words Arctic,Aria White also came out with Han Shanshan。
Han Shanshan out of the moment,Chen Arctic will be shocked。
A sexy tight white vest,Outside a short denim coat,The perfect white waist bared,Especially white tight little vest is so large that some places had more highlights quite Alice endless。
Lower body is a pants,But even so,A wild beauty belled in the sports style is still a bit of loss of Chen Beizhi.。
This sexy figure is matched with a peerless beauty,I am afraid that any man could not withstand。
Han Shanshan Chen saw the appearance of the Arctic,Immediately originally want to be patient heart also disappeared without a trace。
“What look?
I have never seen a beautiful woman.?”
Although she was afraid the other side will use force to suppress the Han family。
But before she knew if she did not clear the attitude,What do the other should not mess,This is also the bottom of her to anger Chen Beibei.。
If the other party if the means to use something else,She did not know that they would not use such a tone。
“Forehead,See,See,Just like http://www.daogd.cn you have never seen such a beautiful,So did some gaffe,Feel sorry,Feel sorry。”
Chen looked at the North Pole that looks like a look of sincere,Han Shanshan also some admire each other,Equipment are installed so as。
White Aria with Han Han Shanshan did not expect is a reasonable opening is hate people。
Immediately when Bai Xiaoyue:“Shanshan,How do you talk??
People Xiaoyan came to find you,Who will find you after this attitude??”
“Humph,Who wants to play with him??
He is nothing to have any kindness。”
See Han Shanshan’s attitude,Chen Bei’s Eye flashed a soft and soft,But soon disappeared.。
“Hey-hey,Han Shu,aunt,I really agree that Shanshan said.,My feelings of Shanshan are really good to look at her perspective.。”
What are you calling my mother??
Han Shanshan has some http://www.ctigaojie.cn speechless look at Chen Beiji,She feels that the body seems to be so good.。
For this name,Chen Beiji actually feels very awkward.。
But all the Korean is making him so call him.,What can he have??
For Bai Xiaoyue, he can even call a sister.。
Han is listening to this,It is also a little embarrassing:“This kind of resentment is not small,After all, your mother is young.,But the age is,Call a uncle’s not too。”
“dad,Then he called you, but Han Shu,If you don’t feel too much,That let him call you,My mother is so beautiful.,Call aunt, I feel wronged。”
Han Shanshan this sudden transfer of topics,No one wants to think,Yet still the people have to go with her topic。
Do not follow,That was everywhere pit,A careless about to be pit into it。
“Good,Let Chen choose their own,Chen later told how willing you on how to call。”
“Forehead,Han Shu,I still call it white aunt,In fact, I feel this call aunt also some big。”
Said this time,Chen could not help but also looked at the Arctic White Aria。
“Row,You young people of the idea that we can stop the,Let Shanshan accompany you go out for a walk,I remember coming to dinner at noon。”
For this proposal,Simply play into the hands of the middle of the Arctic Chen。
Han Shanshan some silent Road:“I do not want to accompany him。”