Li Yu’s god blocked powerful breath,His figure steps,The breath of the body is incomparable,There is a kind of explosive force that is destroyed。

A punch。
The rain in the void is flying out.,These rain is flying out,Spoken sound,It is like a hidden,Some even break the tree shock on the tree,Some penetrate from above the trunk,Experament is terrible。
From this, you can imagine the terribleity of Li Yu’s punch.。
Everyone is shocked。
Like it is the same as the steel,Li Wei got on the chest of Lin Feng,Sound like steel impact,Lin Feng’s figure slightly shocked,However, Li Wei felt his fist to have a pain.。
This scene makes people present in the scene.。
Who is Li Wei??It is a strong person in the half-step level.,But his punch is just let Lin Feng moved.,And Lin Feng still exposes a smile if there is anything wrong.,It seems very easy to block this punch。
“impossible!”Li Wei also shook his head,He is a little doubt whether it is wrong with it.。
But this thought quickly disappeared.。
What is the realm of him??
He is the strong man of half-step,How can I use a wrong force?,This is simply impossible。
“impossible,Lin Feng,Don’t you enter the power level?”Lonely night, I also gone on Lin Feng shocked.。
“how is this possible?This breakthrough is too fast.。”Cheng Tianlong also shakes his head。 “wrong,His meat shell is extremely powerful。”At this time, Mu Jun’s figure walked over.:“The strength of the meat shell is on the power level of the half-step level.,So the strength of the Quek is offset each other.。”
“The grandfather of the king said it is good.,Our average people really power in Dantian。”Lin Feng explained:“Want to defense,Must be thrown,Forming qi or martial art,But the meat shell is far from the fact that the strength of the body is far away.,Even with drug quenching is far more than the intra-body strength,And I am not the same,My current meat shell strength is really turning the enemy in the body.。”
Listening to Lin Feng’s explanation,Everyone present in the field stunned。
“This is too horrible.,I feel that I am on your body.,You may not be more hurt。”Li Yu Shen’s interpretation of the explanation。
Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang,Heavenly President,The night is lonely four people heard a breath.,This doesn’t mean that Lin Feng can escape even if the power of Shangtong’s realm.?
“This is too big.。”Zu Qinglong,Black and white hand,Beihai,Mu Fenglong and others squatted,They were shocked to say can’t come.。
Is this a powerful benefit of lightning quenching?
at this moment,Everyone in the field is not hung in the black night sky,It seems to find that flash,They also want to try this temperament approach,This is not a little bit of two points.,It’s enough to kill the same level.。
Lin Feng heard the words:“You don’t have to look,I have a kind of Lei Item.,I will come back to teach this letter to you.,You can also try,But very dangerous。”
Everyone heard the big joy,No wonder,Original set of gods。
“Let it go,Go back。”Lin Feng looked at the people:“Dongxing,Can the plane fly??”
“can,It’s ok to fly back or。”Dongxing laughs:“Grandfather,uncle,brother,All departure。”
“it is good!”Everyone he nodded,Every excitement。
I immediately got a helicopter,Then, Dongxing driving a helicopter back to the crescent lake.,Everyone also spread,Lin Feng took the golden big python to the lakeside of the moon.,Draw the golden big snake into the crescent lake。
After Lin Feng jumped into the moon tooth Lake,The dust is in the body。
Lin Feng has a more natural skin of the whole person.,Bronze,The force flowing in the muscles,His scorpion flashed like a lightning rays。