Li Qiao’er resolutely refused!Knowing it is a pit,She will never jump。

Li Yaxin didn’t speak,But Li Qiao’er’s voice fell off,She immediately followed with nodded heavily,Li Qiaoer’s words speak her heart,This is between Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,No matter who speaks, it can represent the other side’s position and viewpoint is the same。
“Turned you back,Dare not to play the piano with me!Come here,Pull this little girl down,Take off his clothes and hit with a big stick!”
Suddenly, Shen Ruoxue’s lines appeared in a TV series that was once a big hit.。
Li Qiaoer was suddenly embarrassed,Shen Ruoxue scolded Shen Ruoxue with a blushing face。
Shen Ruoxue smiled triumphantly,The happy appearance and the depressed appearance just now are completely different from the rhythm of the two。
Liu Xiaoyun secretly breathed a sigh of relief,It seems that Shen Ruoxue has forgotten the unhappiness just now.,That’s good!So the world is peaceful,But at the same time,A strange thought suddenly popped into Liu Xiaoyun’s heart:She suddenly felt like she was a mother!And Shen Ruoxue,Is the daughter she can’t get enough of!
This thought came out of my heart,It started to become overwhelming,Think about all the things you spend with Shen Ruoxue on weekdays,Liu Xiaoyun suddenly had an urge to cry,The look in Shen Ruoxue’s eyes also became gentle,even:There is also a hidden element of maternal love in girls’ nature!
Liu Xiaoyun is not a girl who can forget her roots,So in her memory,I have never forgotten that when Shen Ruoxue was beaten and tortured by herself, she was strong and unyielding,Would rather die than follow,This is a thorn in Liu Xiaoyun’s heart that can never be removed……
“strange!Why do you look strange in my eyes?”
Shen Ruoxue noticed Liu Xiaoyun’s abnormality,Wondering。
Liu Xiaoyun woke up from Shen Ruoxue’s questioning,Awkwardly replied。
“Are you thinking of something messy to me!Say!”
Shen Ruoxue misunderstood Liu Xiaoyun’s eyes。
“Neuropathy!I want to think of you messy things, don’t think about it this time,When we bathe together at night,I look naked, don’t you think about it?It really is。”
Liu Xiaoyun replied deliberately dismissively。
Shen Ruoxue will act,Liu Xiaoyun is not that good,It’s just that Liu Xiaoyun rarely plays,But less acting doesn’t mean you can’t act。