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Some obese people can do liposuction

In general, young, moderately obese and moderately elastic skin with a slight local accumulation or partial slight accumulation is suitable for adult implantation.

Middle-aged and older women over the age of 40, due to loose skin and poor rebound ability, are more suitable for local resection and plastic surgery.

As far as the site is concerned, temporary preventive surgery is mostly used for the abdomen, the waist, the chest, the inner and outer thighs, and the tendon.

銆€銆€The surgical tip is often chosen to be a hidden part near the treatment area.

Such as inguinal hernia, umbilical sulcus, squatting and other parts.

The tip is about 1-2 cm, the suction pipe is inserted into a small stacking position, and the electric suction device is actuated to make the negative pressure reach about 60-90 kPa, and the sawing displacement is performed.

How much should be sucked out should be considered by the doctor according to the condition of obesity.

Usually within 5000 ml, blood transfusion is needed if necessary.

Aunt gradually needs to wear elastic pressure clothing for about 2 weeks.

銆€銆€If the patient is only a patient with a small body part, the surgical method is relatively simple.

That is, under local anesthesia, the excess subcutaneous sputum is completely scraped with the finest liposuction tube or syringe and large needle.

This method is particularly suitable for the size of the upper and lower abdomen of the facial ankle.

A small range of liposuction is safer and can be performed at the clinic without hospitalization.

At present, plastic surgery hospitals across the country have carried out this operation.

銆€銆€What needs to be mentioned is that although assistant surgery is a new method of weight loss, it is part of the surgery and there are related complications.

Skin ecchymosis often occurs early after surgery, and a small number of patients have long-term skin pigmentation changes.

Most of the localized skin feels diminished.

There are varying degrees of local edema within 2-3 months after surgery.

In addition, common complications are hematoma, skin ring death, infection, thrombophlebitis and so on.

These symptoms usually recover after 3 months or are cured by appropriate treatment.

Therefore, patients are expected to use mild complications as a random method of weight loss.

Temporary resection can only be considered if you have to do so, with the consent of your doctor.

銆€銆€It should also be pointed out that liposuction destroys excess tiny cells and reduces too much to a certain extent. However, if the diet is not controlled, physical exercise is not strengthened, excessive trampling, and accidental accumulation occurs.

Therefore, in order to shape bodybuilding, only scientific diet, physical exercise, and non-surgical weight loss methods are the correct attitude.