[Man can never withstand the temptation of a woman’s lower body]

[Man can never withstand the temptation of a woman’s lower body]


You touch her.

Like touching a beloved toy.

She trembles in your arms, trying not to resist.

Your kiss fell from your whole body to your mouth, along your neck all the way.

She was destroyed little by little by you.

You opened your eyes and asked gently: May I want you?

She answered stupidly: Do you love me?

You always show a firm eyes: I love you, I can take responsibility for you.

She nodded shyly.

You picked her up and threw it onto the bed.

Tear off her clothes one by one.

In her ears don’t stop you you love her, just as you said you love me in the past.

When you entered her body, you heard her say no, she said it hurts, and she wanted to stop.

You still go in desperately.

After you’re done, you lie down and take a call before leaving.

You don’t see her with tears in her eyes lying on the bed naked.

I laughed.

She is an SB.

Think of the rough sentence of Zhang Xiaoxian’s words.

Women shed more tears on the bed than anywhere, and men lie more on the bed than anywhere.

Suddenly I wondered what all the “she” in the world was for.

To get the love of a beloved man?

Why not change to a man worth your love?

To get physiological satisfaction?

Then why not sell it and sell it for a certain amount of remuneration.

I suddenly felt.

Prostitutes are not sadder than ordinary women.

Ordinary girls give their heart and body in exchange for their beloved men to change their heart and betrayal.

Prostitutes just paid their bodies and got a high amount of RMB.


It’s so cheap.