Chu Deeng released,Naturally, it will not be lonely fight,Sudden people present,I have a rumor、Unveiled。
Instead, after the matter of yesterday.,Shaolin’s heart has already picked up。
Not only is your own disciple people,more importantly,Shaolin’s reputation fell to the trough,At this time, other factions、Even most Shaolin’s next tortis,Not as usual as usual,Go to“Knowledgeable”Quarrel,Instead, some look at the lively.。
“Round is not said,Is he willing to thank the conflict??It is the Shaolin to force for forcing?I am about the agriculture.!”Chu Deman http://www.teamfind.cn observed the situation,Directly。
This is analyzed from both sides.,First, Shaolin is now a lot of prestige.,War by doing a good job,I only need to face Shaolin,And a small number of support——If it is yesterday before yesterday,What will be faced with a small half?、And even half of the rushed martial arts;
Second, the Chu Deirers have confident,Sweeping the land is not interested in Xie Xun and Yuanzhen.,Otherwise, now,Should not be Sandu……
all in all,Nan Shaolin is now in a hurry,Never dare to play the arrogance。
As a result,Chu Deirers have a bottom gas。
I heard the Chu Deirers gave the words.,Other people,Nature is also more exaggerated,Even guess is“Shaolin does not want to become a news that”、“Cheng Kun has been exploited by Shaolin”some type of。
“Amitabha,Since Chu Ji said,After that,Whoever wins?,Yuan Youjing will come out,First and Xie Xun!”The ausport is at this time.。
This is also an early age.……
In fact, the Sanfu has already begun to suspect a circle.,Otherwise, he will not stay in the grass.,Ren is a day、What excuses are he found?,Don’t just leave。
Mirage and award last night,Go to the grass in Sanyu,The state of the day,Later……Round is really no choice,Actively ask for atone——The round is really unable to say other。
After all, he won’t be able to hand over him directly.,Add to maintain the trust of Shaolin Gaozheng,Also put it again、Ametry,More than once, it is raised to death。
I suddenly want to change the mouth now,Also come true……
In fact, yesterday, Chengkun came out of nothing.,I want to take the opportunity to escape many times.,Unfortunately, Sanfu does not give him a chance.!
“However, the circle is really my Shaolin disciple.,No matter how to punish、Interrogate,Should be in the temple。”Fair has also said conditions。
kindness,I believe that except for the air forever,Nobody will be in Shaolin Temple,Kill lessons!
Even if it is a gas,I will ask a clear,Will not directly cruel……
“it is good!I don’t know which three masters are they want to shoot.?”Chu Deirers said directly。
Another private alliance,Dark smile——Obviously the http://www.maylinhouseware.cn martial arts,Together“force”Shaolin,Results Chu is so old“Jump”,Directly into the gas alliance and Shaolin hard。
certainly,Since Chuxi is willing to be a bird,Others are also happy to hide behind them.。
“Amitabha……Chu,Few days,Not?”
I saw that the three people came out at this time.,And the three old monks are old,There are not many people known.,But there are more people who can’t stand in the field.,There are always several old qualifications that can be recognized.,A pass ten、Ten pass hundred,Everyone is also clear.,Know this is 450 years ago,Shaolin Sandu with the Yangtian Heaven!
“Three masters are still together?”Bell said in the Chu Deirers。
This tone does not help but discuss——It is not that Chu is too old before and Sandu.?and……Still?
“Old and two brothers,Everything is quite dull,Only special three http://www.tok-bearing.cn people teamed up《King Kong》This way,Chu Shou Today,Can also call two helpers。”Dai Hou did not say anything。
“Hahaha,it is good!No-brother、Four brothers,Let us go together.!”Chu Deirers greeted Zhang Wuji and dog hybrid。
“Thank you!”
“it is good!”