I almost forgot,In the field of Central Nu Gu play,That is like the god column, the six most powerful people。

China’s three:Huang Dang,Shi Xia,Fan West Screen。
Japan’s three:Proposition,Fertile,Show policy。
True chess。
Six from ancient dragons!
“Six people will directly accept the teachings of Night God,Just a month,Their talent,Per capita will master the most modern Go technology,At that time, you and the semi-wild Xuan Bag Equity Qin Qiong’s dreams can finally be realized.,congratulations。”
Zero is so good to read this“Doll”,I don’t know who to learn.。
“This six chessth is now all awakened.?”
“I only wake up one,At this moment, this ancient chest is approaching Qingdao deer.。”
“what?Bureau?All this,Also on your horse,exactly,Give me go to Siberian excavation beans.!”
“That is,This point,Should play mahjong!”Qingdao Deer also opened the star married,Gas rushing and shouting。
Look at this situation,The ancients are stupid.。
Their mission is to constantly find someone to,Even if it fails, it doesn’t matter.,Just temporarily sleep for a while,Winning, the opponent is immediately won,How long does it take?,There will be a new ancients to occupy their body.。
They can induce who is players,Also have a certain mandatory pair,People who apply for them to the bureau,Have great possible on board table。
Radar antenna tells them,This group of girls are not low,Is a very strong opponent,But I will ask for a bureau.
As a result, this group of people have a drunkbuff,It seems that there is a constitution for an application for application,Directly rushing their groups。
“This Tokyo is also very simple.!”
“This group of girls really reached the legal drinking age??This does not report,Drag them into education?”
“This, I think it is coming.,We will probably arrested in the crime of our harassment.。”
Several people who are still awake,Looking at this sudden appearance of a group of strangers in front of them perform confusing behavior。
“elder sister,Now this situation”
“Um,It seems that ancient players attached to them.”Star http://www.xzznjz.cn married nodded,She found this from the dialogue between the other parties。
The appearance of several people in front of me is ordinary youth,And look fit and temperament,It seems to be a professional or amateur player。
This group of people is probably the last time,Chess at night,A person who is hurt。
“Then what should we do now??”Asked。
Under the impact of the mandatory bureau,She is now a bit of brain.,Inversely, there is a strong opponent impulse,In short, I really want to touch chess pieces.。
Perseverance,Calling chess!。
“That superior person,We like this,Is it necessary to call a taxi to leave??”Shao Guo is called to sleep.。
“This is not necessary.,In fact, I think,Ordinary people are more safe,We are the type of this taxi escape from the scene.。”The static flow is very calm。
“I have a joke http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn called melon,You really have a lot.!”Shao Palace’s small face。
Starries:“Miss Shaofeng,You call yourself for Muggles,Is it aware of inside??”
Shagou is a sudden,Penang:“I’m not so sure either,In short, it is like a sudden understanding.,Go seems to be with a strange ability to hang hook?When did I have this idea??”
Star married expression slightly solidified。
These are the most basic secrets of fortune,If ordinary people know this,The wood of the chess will be affected。