Not completed。

One left and right two hands grabbed the summer arm,He also turned his wrist in an instant,Average。
Hand hard door!
No one can describe this moment in the language。
Just when two hands hit together,Narcamb and bones,Let everyone all people feel soft。
Expected scene,Completely subvert。
When two handsome splash is like a dead dog, it is soft on the ground.,The tear of the scorpion, the people who have the ear drums are numb.,Let everyone feel a cold and climbed to the scalp。
Holding the hands in the back, same colors,It is no way to stop,Before and forth,Suddenly chaos a pot of porridge。
But the summer will not stop,Sudokan。
the other side,Liang Meizhen has come to Li Xiaoli to,I walked out when I grabbed her arm.。
“Small man,You hurt me.,Now go to the hospital now。”
Li Xiaof is naturally impossible,Restance,But she can’t resist the tear of Liang Meizhen.,Be impossible to follow。
的 脆 响。
Liang Meizhen is a slap,It was blocked by Li Xiaofei.,Take it on her arm,The white arm is spreading a layer of blood。
“Happen,Dare to resist,I am killing you.。”
Liang Meizhen is smirk,Go to grasp Li Xiaofu hair,Can be at this time,She feels a flower in front of him,Your wrist is like something to hold.。
Look up,But it is shocked。
In the horizon, the summer is a delicate cheek.,At his feet behind him,Determined Ma Ma lying a place to mourish。
One word is not falling,Summer buckle with the hand of the wrist,Catch her five fingers,Sudden hard,Acknowledge,“roll!”
Liang Meizhen’s face,Improvasive scream。
Her whole right hand curled up deformation,Oh, it has become a chicken feet。
People on the four weeks also sent a burst of excitement,More is shocking。
Just just a short time,This look high thin thin young man,I don’t know how to fight more than a dozen blacks.。
And now there is no smashing pity,Directed Liang Meizhen’s right hand。