Lu Yuli looked overcast men,One word a donated opening:“Didn’t hear my girlfriend said to let go??”

“roll!Who is a mother is your girlfriend??”
The man has been drunk seven or eight eight.。
There is only one wish in my heart.,He wants this evening tonight。
Lu Lanran released his hand,I put the squat Shura back to his arms。
Well warm arms,Familiar clear breath,Cold cold and comfortable,Let the scorpion comfortably,She turned,Ring Lu Zaran’s waist,Hypothartte:“Lu Lanran,You finally came.,You don’t come again,I have to jump up.,The bastard is really not a personal。”
Say,Zi Zi Shu should pay these years,Still the first time I encountered this kind of face。
If Lu Qiran did not rush,What should she do?
Neighborhood!Lu Yuli stood her,Lynch, comfort her:“Swallow,fine,fine,I am here?”
I feel that the girl in the arms has set a lot.,Lu Qiran immediately released a lot of scorpion。
Private room,Also because Lu Yuliu appeared,Suddenly becomes suppressed。
Men is very arrogant,Looking at Lu Yuli, which is higher than yourself,Narrow:“Boy,No matter what Miss Yan is your girlfriend,Accompany me this evening,Tomorrow can formally sign the contract,If you know, you will go.,Don’t bother my good things。”
NS2309chapter Drunk confused
Lu Qunran,The whole body gas field is full,A cold breath spreads along his body。
The breath in the room is getting more and more pressure。
A woman touched my woman,Don’t have your hand.。”
Lu Yuli’s word,Both death atmosphere,It’s just a man.,Not known。
Yang always laughs,Looking at the drunkenness:“Miss Yan,You are not interesting you.,Everyone is coming out to do business.,peace brings money!”
Lu Yuli looked at him:“That is your money,I still don’t look at my eyes.。”
Lu Qiran said,The right hand is strong,A punch in the arrogant man。
“噼 啪 啪”,The man suddenly hit,The whole person who can’t prevent it is on the table ,Dish chopsticks on the table。
“what”Ye Wei was shocked,Get up and run around。
“Stinky boy,Don’t give you not to eat,Alert!”
Yang Tong stood up,Looking at Lu Yuli in danger。
Lu Yuli smiled,Refers to a man who hurts a face,Cold channel:“Yang Tong,You are afraid that you can see yourself.,Cooperate,Specially staring at some new small companies in the industry,Just want to make a suitable woman with this man,Then get the benefits from this man,people like you,If you want to play the strip,I will let you know tonight.,The ditch is going to flock.。”
Yang Zheng listened,Full anger,There is a anger that is shot and ashamed.。
He squatted with Lu Yuli’s identity,How can he know so clear??
“Who are you?”
he asks。
Lu Yuli ridicule:“You don’t know,You just need to know a little,Your girlfriend,Get a home。”
Summet is unbelievable on the side,How is this going?
Does she have also encountered a cooperative routine??
“Boy,Don’t be confident。”