“Can you cure?Let go if you can’t cure it,If it delays my child’s condition……”

“To shut up!”Little boy father has not finished,Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,And interrupted him coldly。
The little boy’s father was shocked by the momentum of Mo Xiaosheng’s words.,There seems to be a piece of cotton in my throat,Gudong swallowed saliva,Never dared to speak。
“The child just woke up in the morning,You just hug him out。”Mo Xiaosheng asked and turned over the child’s hand and mouth,I saw fingerprints red and floating,Red lips,White and thick tongue coating,Slow pulse,Obviously shocking。
“Yep,He wakes up in the morning and I am used to taking him out for a walk。”The little boy’s father nodded hurriedly,Secretly surprised,So godly,It can be seen?
“Such a strong wind this morning,You take him out,Isn’t this tossing him。”
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Fortunately, he is used to carrying the needle bag beside him,Otherwise, there is really no needle bag prepared here,He brought the needle bag,Took a few needles,I got two needles at the child’s Taichong and Yongquan points,The child stopped convulsing immediately,The expression calmed down instantly,Go to sleep with closed eyes。
“Genius doctor,Thank you,Thank you!You really are Hua Tuo alive!”
The little boy’s father saw that his son was back to normal,Immediately excited,Quickly boasted。
All the relatives were also surprised by Mo Xiaosheng’s hand,I didn’t think about a few simple stitches,He cured the little boy。
If you change to the hospital,,registered、queue、consultation、an examination、Prescribe medicine,A set of procedures,It will take a long time to say less。
“you flatter me,In fact, this is just a common pediatric shock,Also called convulsion,Not a big problem,I’ll watch the kids eat more snacks。”
While talking, Mo Xiaosheng wrote a recipe based on Zhongjing Guizhi Tang,Hand it to the little boy father,Said:“Follow this prescription,One dose can be cured,Remember to add some japonica rice and fry together。I am not a Chinese medicine shop,So the medicine is not complete,You go to Jishantang。”
“Good,Thank you doctor!”The little boy’s father nodded repeatedly,Hurriedly paid out,Said:“doctor,how much is it。”
“I don’t see a doctor here,So don’t need your money。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled,“Go get the medicine。”
The little boy’s father is thankful,He said he must help Mo Xiaosheng to publicize,After speaking, he hugged the baby and left。
“Niche,sure,When did you study medicine??”
“There really are two things,No wonder you dare to open a health club。”
“Brother Xiaosheng,Can you show us too。”
A bunch of relatives were a little surprised,Believe it or not,I have to let Mo Xiaosheng show them too。