Lu Yuxin seldom bubbling to answer this classmate’s question。

“Hemp egg,I really don’t understand the world of Xueba。”
“So you didn’t come to school,Just to solve problems at home every day?”
“fainted,fainted!What math problem to solve,Send it out for us to see!”
Ok,Of course Wang Yufei decided to meet this requirement。
After all, it can stimulate students’ love for mathematics,At the same time, I can share my most precious birthday gift,Make everyone jealous,Wang Yufei took out his new phone,Question book written by Lu Yuxin,One page,One page of photos taken and sent to the group。
With a sentence:“This birthday gift from Yuxin,Do you envy?”
Then harvest a bunch of question marks。
“can not read it!”
“So I studied these for a day?”
“Sister Lu Mighty!”
“Actually I am like this,Talk about girlfriends never care about birthday gifts or birthday gifts。”
“Really,See what the birthday star did today on his birthday,I was so ashamed that it turned on in bed360Degree rotation without dead angle spray mode!”
This sentence,The group was calm for three seconds。
“Hemp egg@Chen Hansheng,Why do you send videos in text?!”
“I fuck@Chen Hansheng,I was sickly pregnant by you!”