Unexpectedly,He pulled the door open,And at the same time,A figure crooked out of the car,Fell to the ground with a boom,At the same time, the thick blood on the neck of the figure shed instantly all over the place。

First0439Chapter Determine Mastermind
“week……Zhou Tao!”
Fang Zheng saw a figure covered with blood,So scared,Blurted out with a pale face。
When Mo Xiaosheng saw this, his heart sighed,This is broken,Death without evidence!
Mo Ziqin’s expression also changed,Turn on the flashlight of the phone and take a photo in the car,I found that there was no second person in the car except Zhou Tao,The driver’s seat in the car is full of blood,But the blood hasn’t clotted yet,It shows that Zhou Tao’s death was not particularly long。
“Chase me out!See if there is any suspicious person nearby!”Mo Ziqin immediately roared angrily,Several agents in the car behind got into the car immediately,Drove out。
At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng leaned over and ran to Zhou Tao’s.,Reached out and touched his wrist,After seeing the incision of more than ten centimeters in his neck,Stand up slowly,Sighed,Said:“Already hopeless,Dead time is between ten and twenty minutes,Explain when we set off,The other party has got the news,Let’s rush over and kill people first……”
“Oh shit!”Mo Ziqin stomped abruptly,Then turned around and ripped the collar of Fang Zheng,Angry voice,“Say,Is it your secret!Otherwise how would they know that we are coming to Zhou Tao!”
“Uncle Mo,I’m wrong!”Fang Zheng’s face paled,“I’ve been sitting beside you just now,What’s the move,Would you not know?”
“Definitely not him!”Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Just now he and Mo Ziqin were sitting next to Fang Zheng,He didn’t even have a chance to send text messages。
And Mo Xiaosheng can also determine now,This matter has nothing to do with Fang Zheng,The few hits he suffered,Really wrong……
“That’s the eyeliner of the mastermind in the hospital!”Mo Ziqin also calmed down immediately,Coldly snorted。
Only the doctors and nurses in the hospital know what they came out,So it’s not difficult to tell that these people have each other’s eyeliner。
“I caught them back and asked them one by one,I don’t believe it!”Mo Ziqin said angrily,Then we have to call the headquarters,Send someone to arrest someone。
“Chief Mo,You know,Doing this is doing useless work!”Mo Xiaosheng interrupted him suddenly,Said,“So many people,Not clear at all,So you don’t have to trouble,I can give you an exact investigation direction!”
“Oh?Do you know who did it?”Mo Ziqin frowned,Somewhat alertly, he took a look at Mo Xiaosheng。
“Not bad,But I just doubt,Actually, I have been poisoned by a colorless and odorless poison before,It should be similar to the poison in Erye Mo,This poison is very troublesome to prepare,If not proficient in Chinese medicine,And people with very good medical skills,Can’t be prepared at all!”