Denmark Sweetheart retires countdown, good girlfriend Xiaowei accompanies the winning ball

“Denmark Sweetheart” retires countdown, good girlfriend Xiaowei accompanies the winning ball
This week in Auckland, New Zealand, WTA World Championship, the world ‘s first WTA, ushered in the penultimate race of his career.After the Australian Open, Wozniacki, 29, will officially retire.Although the return date has been fixed, Wozniacki said that the preparations for Auckland are the same as before.The only difference is that the Serena / Wozniak super combination also appeared in the Oakland Women’s Doubles.As a good girlfriend, Xiaowei hopes to stay with Wozniacki all this time, which also gives Oakland a little more parting taste.Wozniacki rarely signed up for the doubles match, and his partner was a good friend William.Picture / social media hope that when you mention me, everyone will say hard work and friendly. On December 6, last year, Wozniacki announced that he would officially retire after the 2020 Australian Open.For more than tennis, it’s time to stop.”In the new season, Wozniacki only arranged for the Auckland and Australian Open.This week in Oakland, Wozniacki ushered in the penultimate race of his career.”My preparations are still the same as before. In fact, it is no different than usual. I need to adjust to the best state, make all preparations, and seize the opportunity.Wozniacki said that she would do all she could to prepare for the battle as before, and would go all out after playing, hoping to use her wonderful performance to close her career.In the first round, Wozniacki swept the local player Origen 6-1, 6-0 to hold a wild card. “I hope to win a few more games and provide a good foundation for the Australian Open.”After Oakland, Wozniacki will participate in the traditional show game Kuyang Classic next week.On January 15, Wozniacki joined Federer, Serena and others in a charity competition to raise funds for the relief of the Australian Forest Fire.After that, Wozniacki will travel to Melbourne to prepare for the Australian Open and start the final journey of his career.”I have been thinking about this for a long time. I need to listen to my inner voice. I feel it is time.”Wozniak said that ending a career in the army for many years is not a simple decision, but she knows that this is the right time, and she is looking forward to the future.” Life will definitely change in the future, hoping to have aA cooler future awaits us.”After the Australian Open, Wozniacki will officially bid farewell to the tour.In a 15-year career, Wozniacki is used to getting up and training every day, but soon these will not happen again, “To be honest, I hope everyone will say when I mention: She is very hardworking,People are also very friendly.”The team won the first women’s doubles victory.Figure / social media rare partner Xiaowei bids farewell to good sisters. Unlike most female players, Wozniacki rarely participates in doubles matches, and her last women’s doubles match will also enter the 2016 New Haven Open.In the past 10 years, Wozniacki has played only five doubles matches.Coming to the penultimate race of his career, Wozniacki rarely registered for a doubles match, and his partner was his good friend William.For Xiaowei, this decision also has a different meaning.You have to know that since 2015, except for his sister Dawei, Xiaowei has not partnered with anyone in the women’s doubles.”Both of us have amazing careers, and I can’t keep our remaining careers from playing with each other.”Xiaowei said he hopes to stay with Wozniak during this time.In the first round, Serena / Wozniak defeated the Japanese combination Hibiyazawa / Ninomiya Shinko 2-0.On the tour, Serena and Wozniacki are good sisters.When Wozniacki was in the trough, it was Xiaowei who accompanied her on vacation, attended the party, and took her out of the trough slowly.Last June, when Wozniacki and David Lee got married, it was Serena that served as the bridesmaid.In November 2014, when Wozniacki completed the first full marathon of his life in New York, Xiaowei waited for the finish to wear a medal for the good girlfriends.Now that the career has entered the countdown stage, naturally the participation of good sisters is indispensable.Less than a week after the announcement of the retirement decision, Wozniacki finalized an exhibition game with Serena Williams, which will be played at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen on May 18.A few hours later, 11,500 tickets were sold out.”The end of my career will be hometown and the greatest female athlete in the history of tennis. I believe that will be a night that I will never forget.Wozniacki said that the last game of his career was the happiest to complete with a good friend.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Wang Xihuang Proofreading Liu Jun