Half-comedy laugh point design, Donkey gets water the original cast took three years to polish

“Half-comedy” laugh point design, “Donkey gets water” the original cast took three years to polish
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On December 18, the movie “Half Comedy” starring Zhou Shen, Liu Lu, screenwriter and director, Ren Suxi, Wu Yuhan, Liu Xun, Tang Min, and Zhao Haiyan held the “Full Happiness” premiere in BeijingYingyingli.Screenwriter and director Zhou Shen, Liu Lu, starring Ren Suxi, Wu Yuhan, Liu Xun, Tang Min, Zhao Haiyan, Pei Kuishan, Liang Ying all appeared, frankly behind the scenes of the film “smiles and scolding, all true”, witnessing the audience “laughing”Filming harvest.As the movie of Happy Twist’s first battle for the Chinese New Year, it is also a love comedy created by the original team of the high-score comedy “Don’t Get Water”. For the differentiated alternatives compared with the high-profile predecessor “Don’t Get Water”, director Zhou Shen shared:This is a story from our lives. We hope to use this story to share a possible way of life with young people who stand at the gate of choice-a bottom-line, honest lifestyle.This is actually a consistent core from “Donkey Gets Water”.”From left: starring Ren Suxi, Wu Yuhan, Liu Xun, and Tang Minying to communicate.Photography: Sauna, night net Guo Yanbing and the design of the laughing point in the film is derived from the three years of careful polishing of the original cast of “The Donkey Gets Water”.As with regular circumspect scripts, all actors rehearse the script in place one year in advance.Actor Ren Suxi shared: “Actors try to figure out characters and plots during rehearsals, ensuring that every scene is a natural reaction of the actor in the role and situation.In the movie, the golden sentence “I rise Aries” poked a lot of laughter from the audience. Wu Yuhan smiled and revealed: “This is not a deliberately designed language baggage. More rehearsal words are spoken impromptuly.Liu Xun, who plays a lot in the film, deceives his fiancee by “witting” in the film, which also comes from the whole plot of “I just wanted to break the situation back”.”Let the character grow out of the actor” is director Zhou Shen, Liu Lu’s consistent creative pursuit, and the fiancee Gao Lu, played by Tang Min, in the initial script was a blindly “silly white sweet” image for love, “in rehearsalUnder the guidance of the director, he integrated some of his strength into the character, and now he has Gao Lu, “Tang Min shared.Working with the young creative team this time, Zhao Haiyan was emotional: “Although it is a comedy, the creative attitude is serious. Everyone has invested 100% of seriousness and enthusiasm. When he was young, he was very reluctant.”” Don’t get water “Pei Kuishan, who hates his teeth, this time and” Half Comedy “played a sleek manager Pei, the ability to talk to people and talk to people is also pre-buried for the film.Smile a little bit.It is reported that the happy twist movie “Half Comedy” will be released nationwide on December 20.Sauna, Ye Net Li Yan Photography Sauna, Ye Net Guo Yanbing against Chun Zeng