[How to eat solid honey]_Solid honey_How to eat

[How to eat solid honey]_Solid honey_How to eat

When you buy honey on the street, you should see that the shape is liquid, but everyone who has honey at home should know that after the honey is placed, it will become a solid shape.

When honey is in a liquid shape, everyone generally scoops it out with a spoon to soak it in water, but when the honey turns into a solid shape, many people do n’t know how to eat solid honey.

So how should solid honey be eaten?

First, how to eat solid honey 1. How to eat crystalline solid honey When the external ambient temperature reaches a certain condition, a natural phenomenon of crystallization will occur, and the form will change from liquid to solid.

This kind of solid honey can be eaten directly, and its taste and nutrition have not changed much, and everyone can also use the method of soaking in warm water to convert the solid into a liquid and eat it.

2. Solid honey with honeycomb Solid honey with honeycomb is mainly a natural wild honey species, also called nest honey, which is a very good health product. This solid honey can be eaten directly, like honey,The juice absorbs and spit out the residue. In addition, this solid honey can also be used to make wine, which can be replaced after making honey wine, which has a therapeutic effect on joint diseases of the human body.

Then it can be soaked in vinegar and eaten with vinegar, which has a therapeutic effect on bronchitis and gastritis.

3. Honey lyophilized powder Honey lyophilized powder is also a kind of solid honey. This product is a health product produced after purification and processing. The most ideal way to eat it is to follow the instructions on the instructions.If not, you can take appropriate lyophilized powder and drink with warm water.

Second, why some honey are solid honey and liquid honey are not necessarily different honey varieties, but only two different forms of honey. The average honey will have different degrees after being stored alternately and experiencing low temperature environment.Crystallized, what you call solid honey is crystallized honey.