But in the faceRNGwhen,They will not consider the discharge of the cattle.。

Don’t say that the cattle isgRepresentative hero this matter,Look at the 牛头 牛 这个 这个 其 其 属。
Powerful protection skills and enablement capabilities,Take care of the opening group and anti-hands,And that doesn’t need too much equipment, you can also support.。
It can be said,This is the most suitableRNG4Save1One of the auxiliary heroes of the lineup。
RNGSecondban,Directly sent the enchantingbanPool。
obviously,RNGdo not wishrookieIt’s too big in the middle road.,So directly, it is blocked his enchantry.。
IGThirdban,Directly is the LanduobanLose。
This hero,YesxiaohuOne of the representatives of this season,TooRNGA hero with a very high tactical priority。
Quick,Sales ability,Can also open a group and anti-hands。
All in all,Both is suitableRNGThis team。
RNGThirdban,Directly is the excavatorbanLost。
This is http://www.yoogong.cn current versionT1Play wild,ToongVery good at one hero used。
Hereed,BPFirst stagebanHuman,Scene enteredpickStage in the stage。
IGFirst hand selection,Directly locked Sierras。
This didn’t have a new hero,After several months of studying various professional teams,I have become a new darling on the professional stadium.。
RNGFirst hand selection,It is backhand to lock Ruz.。
RNGThis hand choice,There are some swingings you mean.。
This hero,It’s ok to play.。
Take this almost no hero of the enemy,The effect of Ruz can also be said to be more good.。
Where is Ryz?,Look atRNGofBPWhat is the specific way?。
RNGSecond hand,Lock Kario directly。
This hand hero,Let thisRNGThe current tactical intent is very clear.。
Still ready to play4Save1,Of course, they don’t have a reason for the four guarantees.。
http://www.yonganair.cn after all,Have in the teamUziin the case of,If you don’t fight4Save1。
That can be said,This isUziA luxurious waste of personal abilities。
IGSecond hand selection,Directly lock the skateboard。
The lens is swept away from the palace,His eyes are calm and firm。
He did not in this game,To avoidUziFrontier meaning。
It’s hard to play in the Qi Rai.,Miyan Qing Wen feels that he must cherish this opportunity。
And I have to go to this game.,Obviously the best way。
IGThird hand,forngLocked Olaf。
In the excavatorbanAfter it,Currently this version,Is Olaf’s priority to be higher。
Subsequent,RNGThird hand,Blind is locked directly。
Hereed,First stageBPend,On the field,Enter the second stageBPIn。
RNGFourth handbanPeople are very decisive,Directly is sent to the hammer stonebanPool。
At this timeIG,There is also a median。
androokieHero,ObviouslybanAfter it,There is no more nice place.。
Auxiliary,It is necessary to make a lot of simplicity for it.。So the gold partner of the skate shoes,It is just sent to it.banPool。
IGFourthban,I am sent to Nam.banPool。
Obvious,In the current version of the auxiliary Gario of Gario,IGdo not think soRNGThat hand Gario isxiaohuUse。