but,Leo and these people are not involved,As a student of the elite camp,He can goVIPaisle。

These people are at least particularly strong to get the full bounty,Most of them get 70% based on strength、80% of the bounty。
And he can get all!
“Leo students,After identification,A total of 780 million bounty!”A http://www.irrstech.cn staff member spoke。
Except bounty hunters,Those students also need to kill the pirates in exchange for resources。
Elite camp is free supply of small and medium life essence,But the youth academy will not work。
“I want to change all into military merit,Give me fifty medium life essences,One hundred small life essence!”
Military merit and bounty are of equal value,One to one,Inside the navy。
It’s just that if you are a naval officer, you will record an extra feat,For promotion and salary increase。
Zefa did not report that Leo has reached the seventh life level.,So it’s normal for Leo to exchange the medium life http://www.xuenlp.cn essence。
Don’t think that free supply means as much as you want,Zefa is to give life essence according to your progress,Leo has made a lot of progress because of his rapid progress。
Normal students don’t have such a good thing,Are not http://www.hebzgrs.cn enough。
“Leo students,The amount you want is a bit big!”The clerk speaks。
Only fifty medium life essences,What are those small life essences for?
The essence of life flows out of the navy at all times,But that’s just secretly。
Leo looked at the green bull next to him!
Don’t mind taking the green bull top pot。