But I think I’m still useful,At least now i have reached10level,Can learn the skills of this major。

In the professional union of Xinshou Village,My http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn mentor Kelly looked at me with surprised eyes,Said in a surprised tone:Oh my god!My young brave knight,You are so amazing!
She was referring to me being the first to arrive10Players who come to learn professional skills,This is the dialogue set by the system。
I said in my heart:no way,boy。But I said on my lips:This is because the goddess of light is guiding me!
Then I said a few words of joy,Then start teaching skills。
A skill book with golden light and white wings flew in front of me,It says:《Cavaliers must-have skills》。
Turn it over,10Level can learn‘Total Annihilation’,‘Powerful’Two attack skills。Among them, the sweeping army is used when being besieged by the enemy,Has the effect of knocking back besieged enemies,The degree of effect is limited by skill level。The momentum is heads-upbossThe most lethal skills,The player jumps high,Then he slammed heavily onboss。The same skill effect is limited by skill level。And both skills require cooling。
There are also‘Perseverance’with‘Heart of Light’Two defense skills。among them‘Perseverance’Used to resist some physical damage,‘Heart of Light’Used to resist magic damage,Including light magic and dark magic,But has an additional defense effect against dark magic。same,The defense effects of both skills are limited by the skill level。
The method of using the skill is when subjected to a strong physical attack,Holding a weapon in a defensive position,Roar:block!
Easy to use skills,But use more,Skill proficiency。
Farewell to mentor Kelly,Of course I continue to spawn。
Spent at the laboratory4The silver coin identified the two pieces of equipment of Magog’s Leather Armor http://www.yumich.cn and Demon’s Helmet and equipped them,I found that the two horns of the devil’s helmet are really ugly,It would be nice if it could be removed。
I bought it at the Magic Bookstore2Town Portal Scroll,Really expensive,2Silver coin and a scroll。
Added red and blue potions at the drug store,I continued on my way to the southern hell city of incandescent city。
I hesitated when I went,I was wondering if the girl from West Tower would be there?She’ll be fine then。But since Incandescent City is the only ethnic town near Lorraine Creek Village,I want to come here with many stories,There are too many tasks to accept,Plus now the time has come to night12O’clock,Girls usually sleep,So i decided to go。