Blue Zi Jun whispered finish,Turn around。

When the stairway is reached,See blue Zi Ran arms folded,Being across the stairs handrail,Small face without much expression,Quiet look quietly,That quiet black head inside,Not in the past,It is incomparable.,He seems to grow a lot.。
“elder brother,You just said,Dad is still alive,What’s the meaning?”
He is very sinking,Swallow。
Blue:“Ran Ran,I am like my mother.,Think that Dad is not dead,He is still alive。”
Blue sorrowful,road:“Is it because I didn’t see my father’s body??”
Lan Yu nodded。
“hehe”Blue and laugh,“elder brother,Do you think this might do?
He fell in the sea,And hurt,How big do you think Dad, how big is your chance??”
Lan Jun Jun is silent,Step step downstairs,But I feel that my legs are weak,He went to the younger brother,Low voice:“Have hope, I don’t want to be good.,I didn’t see my father’s body one day.,I won’t believe that he is really from us.。”
Blue sneaky,Turn around,Tears have turned in the eyelids.。
“I’m going to bed。”
Finish,Blue scholar fled back to the room。
Blue 梓 俊 looks at your brother’s back,Punch,Youth gluten riped,A one-word anger:“Gu Anan,What qualifications do you have to make my family?,How did you ruin my mother and my home?,How can I ruin you?。”
He is watching,Little age is like a devil.,He walked in his room.。
turn on computer,The delicate white ten fingers fly fast on the keyboard,A pair of black eyes,Tightly stare at the computer screen,Ideological height concentration,Instantly immerse in your own world。
NS1103chapter:Then you are coming to take evidence.
Ou Jing, send Ning Feifei back,When two people eat,Oujing, I have told her about tomorrow.。
Under the Ning Feifei home,Ou Jing’s eyes carefully looking at Ning Feifei,“Fifi,Tomorrow is weekend,no need to work,Xu Jinghe will call you in the morning.。
After he called you,You have to call me immediately.,I will tell you how to do it.。”
Ning Feifei nodded,“it is good!I heard you。”
Oujing Yao looked at her and nodded as mashed,Can’t help but laugh。
“fool,Go back soon.。”
Oujing Yao Chongni rubbed her head。
This silly girl,Really cute。
Ning Feifei laughs,Take a look:“You can also go home early,Give me a call at home。”
Ou Jing nodded。
Ning Feifei step back to look at him looking very sad。
European:“You do not want to go in it?”
He smiled full of ambiguous tone。
Ning Feifei stare him,But still nodded his head。
The lights at home,My mother did not sleep,Go home and have to listen to her mother’s nagging。