But over time,Really calm down,Maybe it’s a different mentality。

Actually it’s plain,Every man has a scumbag heart。
But when there are two situations,Not scumbag。
One is not allowed by its own conditions。
The other is to meet a woman you really love,Unforgettable kind。
After separating from Chen Lan Mo Xiaoxiao,Lin Dong still thinks of Chen Lan’s mature charm,And just when his mind was impure,WeChat has news。
Open it,Unexpectedly, it was Chen Lan,Isn’t this just separated?
I was still thinking about it just now,The other party has a message。
Fortunately, Lin Dong would not think Chen Lan had any intentions against him,He is not so narcissistic。
really,Chen Lan told him to open Weibo,And go to Dingyin platform to get a real-name certification,Open a live broadcast room,Take a short video of singing and post it,Good for the next promotion。
Reminded by Chen Lan,Lin Dong also scolded himself secretly。
Weibo and short videos,And live,These things that can increase exposure,Why did he forget。
Popularity,You have to have a gathering place!
Just right,Saw a small park not far away,Just walked over。
This small park is sandwiched between several colleges,Almost all the people who come here are students,of course,Mostly couples。
But it’s daytime,But also clean。
Find a bench to sit down,Lin Dong began to toss Weibo and Dingyin。
Are real-name certified,After getting it done,Lin Dong began to think about what kind of video to shoot。
Not like live broadcast,Sit in the room and sing a song,That’s too common。