Two familiar faces,One covered his mouth,Almost yelled,The other is restricted to freedom,Just staring at Li Tianzhen with his eyes blankly,In addition to the incredible eyes,There are deep concerns,One of them is Xiao Song,one is‘Mane rat’。

The few people nearby also have familiar faces,It was all the old evil spirits who searched for the soul of the unicorn beast last night‘Ears and eyes’People seen later,Despite their short stature,Looks like a local,But full of muscles,Full of bursts,At first glance, it’s not a good-looking counterpart。
Li Tianzhen’s head is spinning fast,Obviously you can’t recognize Xiao Song at this time,The old evildoer or the preacher is observing him by some means、Test him,
This shows that the other party has already deeply suspected Li Tianzhi,But not finalized yet,The key is that after the gods were sealed,There is no trace of the divine nature in the heavenly palace,He can’t even sense it,The old evildoer can’t detect it naturally,But this is not a good thing,Who knows if the divinity will suddenly pop up inexplicably?With the extremely powerful mental power of the old evildoer,He has a slight unusual mental fluctuation and it is likely to be caught by the opponent。
And he can not recognize each other,Doesn’t mean Xiao Songhe‘Mane rat’Can do,Only now,Only bite the bullet and take one step at a time。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Seven Illusion in illusion
Damn,wrong!There was a sudden thunder in Li Tianzhen’s head,Before I went up the mountain, it was easy,But since childhood, Song He‘Mane rat’Look at,They have clearly recognized themselves,Is it possible that the disguise technique fails,Restored to its original appearance?
‘Big earthworm’This bragging disguise can not only change the appearance of people,And also change the posture,As long as the caster is safe,Unbreakable,This disguise is foolproof,What went wrong?Li Tianzhi asked a question‘Big earthworm’,But at this time, open the gods,It’s not wise to release divine consciousness,Without a mirror to take a picture,He suddenly felt a sense of being blind。
Could it be that something was accidentally triggered in the illusion just now?Or maybe I have a special look and temperament,Easy to remember?It is still said that the old evildoer exerted new magical powers on Xiao Song?
But no matter what,Must be installed now,Li Tianzhen avoided immediately‘Mane rat’Inquiring look,Stand up slowly with a grin,While slapped butt,While spitting blood in his mouth,A rascal,Look left and right,I don’t care about all kinds of chasing eyes,He kept pointing fingers,Changing mouth shape,Seems to have been swearing。
This is a closed stone house,Not even a window,The door has been closed,The only place for ventilation is the joint between the lower part of the roof and the wall,There is a small half circle gap,Wide areas can even let in sunlight,The facilities in the house are very simple,A few broken bamboo chairs,Two stone platforms, one high and one low,Nothing else。
Li Tianzhen seems to get more excited as he scolds,Limply walked to the door,Kick the door,Suddenly the shoulder was grabbed by a powerful hand,A huge force almost dragged him somersault,Then a sulky face appeared in front of him,This person pinched Li Tianzhen’s neck viciously,Murmured a long time,And bad breath,Xun’s Li Tianzhu can’t find the north,You don’t have to understand the meaning to know that the other party is warning him,It looks like,This South Asian has a bad temper。
Li Tianzhen pretends to struggle hard,In exchange for an old punch from the opponent,This punch is heavy,Li Tianzhen fell on his back,Three or four people surrounded him and punched and kicked him。
Xiao Song wanted to rush over several times to stop,Are‘Mane rat’stop,Although he can’t understand Li Tianzhen’s performance,But know‘Walker’Suddenly appeared unexpectedly,Extraordinary。