Before this great array is perfected,The Yaozu Heavenly Court relies on the shelter and co-work of the Phoenix、Zhu Rong’s tripod stand。

Then now,Relying on the strength of the demon clan heaven,Don’t be afraid of the two ancestors。
Human race,After a long time(Relatively long,It’s still a short time for Gods and Demons)time,Mankind gave birth to a second leader like a Suiman–Shennong。
Shennong was originally a witch doctor in a small tribe,Started by studying the properties of flowers and herbs。
In the herbal medicine experience year after year,After tasting the effects of herbs,He understands the principles of herbal medicine,Also embarked on the road of spiritual practice。
Tens of millions of years,He uses flowers and herbs as swords,Easily resist the catastrophe,very‘easily’Reached the realm of Daozu。
And it is to understand the way of life,The powerful Taoist ancestor of the wood of heaven。
Although not as good as Sui Ren,The fighting power is close to the ancestral god level,But many methods are complicated,Effectively make up for many shortcomings in the high-end combat power of the human race。
And shortly after the rise of Shennong,In the Buddhism power established by the true god of burning lanterns,The true God Tathagata, who is relatively ordinary among Taoist ancestors, also decided to reincarnate.。
The previous two lives did not enter the path of spiritual practice,But in his third life,Successfully reincarnated as the prince of a small country—Sakyamuni。
Human body,The foundation of the true god,Finally realized the last kind of the five elements,Step into the same level as Sanqing。
Memory awakening,After returning to the true gods,Tathagata rules the Buddhism line,Burning lantern is truly deified as burning lantern ancient Buddha,And the Tathagata is‘Real buddha’。
The Buddhism forces that could only be regarded as very small under the Dao Sect have become a powerful force second only to the Dao Sect.。
Because Sanqing is the leader of the Taoist school,Tathagata is the leader of Buddhism。
Therefore,This comprehend the opposite way of heaven,The final strength is comparable to the realm of the ancestral god,Known as Leadership。
Pangu Chaos World,Except for the ancestral gods, there are three great powers:Tao Men Sanqing,Buddhism,And unfathomable,Zhongshan Candle Dragon who is also a powerful leader。
And the leader of the human race、The emperor of the demon crow can only count as half。
but,Neither Buddhism nor Taoism has too much thought of fighting for territory,Only established the Sanqing Palace and Lingshan forces in the east and west of the Chaos World,Mainly preaching。
And in the core area of Pangu Chaos World,The war continues。
Since the Yaozu Heavenly Court、Human forces have risen one after another,Yaozu and gods and demons fight each other,Intensification of contradictions。