“Make sense in your speech,Why meet the swordsmen?I’m not living with you for nothing,Everything has a reason,Not to disclose,You want to collect rent,Then close it。”

The white-robed god is a lot more polite,But would rather pay the rent,Don’t want to disclose any information,He stared at Li Tianzhu’s soul,On the one hand, I am observing whether the chaotic space has dispersed,On the other hand it seems like looking for。
“I really need to let this go,Did fellow Taoists ever feel that there was something unusual just now??”Another old god with red face and red beard asked。
These guys’ faces changed so quickly,Although Li Tianzhen is unhappy,,But didn’t really http://www.xjinsuo.cn care,I’m just sorry for the big knife,Say nothing,The white-robed god man beside him is really capable,With such a method to give birth to magical soldiers,Uplifted him,I really want to try again。
“No!”The white-robed god man immediately felt the fluctuation of Li Tianzhi’s soul,True color,“This matter is important,Dao friends must never take it lightly,After your big gun broke through the gate of the ancient temple,Yu Shi ruined the Sanhua Baoding,The soul of Jiuying took the opportunity to run away!”
“Ran?!”Li Tianzhen didn’t dare to think about it,Recall the situation carefully,Did not find anything unusual,So he shook his head cautiously。
“Can you let me explore?”
Li Tianzhu stood up with a loud cry,The forehead is also twisted into a lump,Just let the white-robed god man invade the soul,Forget the critical moment,Now these pretentious ancient gods still have to make an inch?
“No wonder fellow Taoists,We also think about the stability of the entire space,In the final analysis for your good,That Jiuying soul is very powerful,Invade the souls and souls of others without any trace,It’s really overwhelming。”White-robed gods and men can persuade each other,“Not as good as this,You magnify the soul,I’ll wait and observe around,Never offend,how is it?”
Think Li Tianchou,What the other person said makes sense,Discuss everything,He can also say,But if you play too hard,No one is afraid of anyone,He urged his vitality to slowly enlarge the soul,Just like before rushing to the sky,The body of the soul suddenly grew more than several times larger,Stand proudly in your own space,It’s also majestic,But those who are ancient gods have become small。
“Fellow,Ok。”The white robe god man greeted,The ancient gods stand in different directions,Serious face,Concentrate,Each perform magical powers,Never let go of any clues。
Chapter Eighty Seventy Three Go with the flow
About the kung fu of having a cup of tea,The ancient gods received magical powers,Show disappointment one by one,Seems to have not found it,Li Tianzhen is also a little worried,No matter how the Nine Infants are running around,Still in my body,It’s a trouble after all,I hope this demon ran out, frightened by the pressure of the ancient gods,Hey,Doesn’t seem right,Running out will cause harm to the world,Might as well stay in the body,Let the old Taoist Baiyun refining it well。
When Li Tianzhi was still suffering from gains and losses,Several ancient gods nodded slightly at him,Left one after another,The white robe god man took out something and stuffed it in Li Tianzhi’s hand,Also fly away。
“Hi,and many more,I still have something to say,What are you running?”Li Tianzhen suddenly woke up,In a hurry to catch up,Unexpectedly, the small object in his hand is extremely heavy,And it seems to stick to your hands,He was dragged by this thing as soon as he took a step。
“Tenants for Taoists,Never give up。”The words of the white-robed gods floating in the sky,These ancient gods escaped extremely fast,Flew to the sky in the blink of an eye,One after another got into the hole in the door of the temple,Gods come out again,Reach out and summon an oversized round ancient mirror,Actually sealed the door of the entire temple,Ten thousand golden lights disappear immediately without a trace。
“Coward!”Li Tianzhen cursed,Look down,In the hand is a small gray pocket,Smaller than a normal wallet,His consciousness moved,The ropes that bind the pockets naturally untie,There are countless ancient coins,Jin Guangcancan,With burning smoke。
This kind of coins that have not been circulated in the ancient gods are all made by Xuantian Jinjing,Because http://www.daogd.cn it’s too expensive,Unable to circulate,But its own value and usefulness far exceed the value of making coins,Instead it became the main symbol of the identity of the ancient gods。