“Miaoyu is both mine,Do not say,And how do you do it?!”

“You shouldn’t”
Ye Xunning Xu is nothing to refute,Anger and annoyed,Sleevery。
“elder sister,I am small, my temper is not good.,People are still very good!Don’t be with her!”
Xiaofan is rushing to keep up,I am afraid that the girl is misunderstood。Come back,Explain one or two。
“It’s fine,Little,I won’t know him.!”
Niu Niu took a small shoulder。
She can’t touch Xiaofan in the past.。
“Go back soon.!Otherwise, your mother should be anxious.!”
“fine,I sent people to protect me.!”
Also an accident,Xiaofan discovered this thing,It’s http://www.hrbfdmy.cn more unbridled to steal.,
“Then I will see Xiaoyu!Let’s find your sister tomorrow.!”
“My sister will go back tomorrow morning.,Waiting for you to fight,Come to Qingshan Village to find your sister!Go back soon.!”
Niu Niu looked at it。
Two carriages are stable and stopped in front,Obviously waiting at Xiaofan。
“A sister!You are called well!”
“Xiaoyan,I have been to comfort you.!But I see you like this.,I don’t need to comfort at all.!Then I will return my own carriage.!”
Although Xiaoyu is also very important,But he can’t say this sister.!
“She conceals us,You don’t care when you really don’t care.?”
“Everyone should have their own secrets!Xiao Yan, you secretly recruit people, there is no other person.!”
“How did you know?”
“I am bus,I want back my own carriage.!”
Xiaofan knows http://www.tuolianwang.cn yourself telling his mouth,Just want to immediately escape the scene。
“fine,Don’t say anything else.!Especially the grandfather,do you know?”
“Really?I guarantee that I will not talk!”
Xiaofan’s eyes,Peeking from the fingertips。
“I speaking count!Unlike her!”
自 自 自 说 这 这 句,Ye Xunning rely on the carriage wall,No one knows what he is thinking
“Niu Niu,You just talk to Ye Xiaogong,Is it too”
Su Yuqing looked at Ye Xunning’s face is not very good.,Some worry。