Xiaoqing hugged Liao Jie from behind,鬓 鬓 厮,Blow up the wind。

“Last night, the sword was dead in the deep mountain pool.,I close my eyes,The brain is his tragic picture.,Lear, this scene happened to me.,Where is the heart thinking book??”
“Son, you are not chaotic,Ghosts, you haven’t recruited you.。”Xiao Qing bite Liao Jie’s ears,Whispered。
“Not always,In case she is holding me from behind,Also bite my ears,I am not falling.?”
“嘿嘿 嘿,I do not believe。”
Xiaoqing reached out in Liao Jie Huai,Ask:“Cui Gongzi,Where did the handsome little scholar last night?,Why don’t you see his figure??”
http://www.englishdiary.cn “how,You have two people.,Also, other scholars said,Do you want to take him with my face??”
Liao Jie looked up the long legs of Xiaoqing,Not lightly smashed,Scared the latter。
“how is this possible,Slave and sister to the son, you are infatuated!”
“hehe,I do not believe,That is, Ning’s brother is not,otherwise”
Liao Jie said,Fully frowning,Push the window next to the window,Go outside the courtyard。
Only listen to the sound of the horseshoe,Ningchen rides a horse,歪歪 obliquely stopped in the center of the yard,Half, oh, oh, I fell.,It makes people look good and funny。
Xiaoqing smirk,Liao Jie can’t laugh at all,Raise hand:“what is this,Inertial correction,Still there is something to say,The two people are fond of the fate.?”
“Cui brother!Cui brother,Big things is not good,Two women in your room last night”
Ning Caichen,Showing the second floor from the first floor,Look at the scene,Don’t be in the throat,I can’t say it again.,Swallow and swallow,A panting white face is hard to be red。
“Ning old brother,Not let you not come back?,Why don’t you listen to me??”Liao Jie two hands,Subsheng is trouble,Don’t want a girl,It’s flat.。
“Cui brother,me”
Heartbean,Look two girls,The more I feel that their eyes are not good.,Ning Caicon,Helper:“I miss you!”
Liao Jie:;?
This,He didn’t know how to pick it up.。
Xiao Qian and Xiaoqing did not endure,At the same time laughing out,I smiled and smiled.,They may、Eighth、Maybe Liao Jie is not moving with beauty.。
“Ning old brother,Have something to say slowly,Don’t say some words that make people misunderstand。”
Liao Jie joke,Xiaoyan smiled,One looks on to hold a chance,Let it be excited,Never dare to make。
“Ah this year”
Ning Caichen looked in the heart,I can’t find him.,Under the two ghosts,Liao Jie can’t hold it upstairs。
Good man rewarded,Cui brother should not fall to the scene of the swordsman!
So much thinking,His great righteous:“Cui brother,Not,After I go back,I miss two girls.,Come back tonight,It is to talk to them.。”
Liao Jie’s ear:“louder please,Extrovert,I didn’t listen to it.。”
“I am coming to find two young sisters.!”
Ning Caichen said,Just seek to deceive two ghosts,It is so good that Liao Jie wakes up in time.。
http://www.zgsjnkys.cn “Uh”
Liao Jie is speechless to point to Nie Xiaoqian:“Ning old brother,You are cold,Don’t say that you have a success rate of two success,Single is the lady of Xiaoqian,She is a person with a family,you can not,At least!”