In fact,As long as these three masters have a slight relaxation while fighting against the beam of light,Then he will shoot in an instant,Kill them with the power of the Supreme Excalibur。

Unexpected,Ofe looked back,The left hand that did not hold the Supreme Excalibur slammed behind him。
A body comparable to the main artifact,Will power a hundred times stronger than normal Dzogchen,Dzogchen level fighting moves。The power of this palm,It is comparable to the full attack of the death master after using the supreme artifact。
The whole space is crushed by this palm,Space turbulence is directly squeezed and dissipated under this palm,And at the target of his attack,Showing Wright’s figure。
When that palm finally broke out,Wright shot in the palm,By the power of the supreme artifact,Easily blocked this palm。
But Wright understands,Also use the supreme artifact,Ou can’t be blocked by his simple moves。
Ofe’s eyes lit up,But did not speak,The appearance of Wright has clearly stated the position–not to mention,His other main god, the clone of God, had hatred with Wright。
“Qian~”The sound of,Off drew the Supreme Sword,Wright’s interference outside,There are three major rules dominated by desperate resistance,I am afraid that the magic circle alone cannot kill Utrede。
In that case,It depends on the pure strength。To this,Off has absolute certainty,Even if Wright joins forces with the three rulers,Not his opponent。
The pale golden Supreme Sword of Destiny drew a mysterious arc in the air,As if following the trajectory of fate,Pierce Wright’s head straight。
This golden sword didn’t even cut the space,Wright can feel the absolute restraint of the Excalibur。I’m afraid this sword will finally explode at the moment,So that terrible power will burst out completely。
Facing a terrible sword,Wright has no fear,Behind him,A strange beast phantom full of power appeared。
This strange beast,Stout like a cow、Look like a tiger but kind,There is a pair of antlers on the forehead,Body surface covered with scales。
This is a beast that has never appeared in the Panlong universe,to be exact,This is formed by the fusion of the blood of several types of beasts with talented supernatural powers that are good at bursting power.。If this beast is truly born,Its blood is noble and even surpasses the four gods。And such a fusion of blood‘combination’,Wright has more than one kind。
Fusion Blood·Unicorn,Talent【Absolute power】