“If it is before,Deal with them,They naturally don’t dare to come back,Not necessarily!”Fairy sword suddenly:“Fairy bicycle,Will Xianhe Bird’s News??”

“no!”Fairy Wan:“And the Sports Palace is not there.,However, their gods are normal.。”
“I guess it is good.,May have been suppressed!”The fairy sword face is fine and not fixed:“You inform you to fall,Tell him that the fairy day has rebelled Taihua,In addition, don’t let Taixian’s masters easily。”
“Why is this?”Fairy Nest:“Fairy, I am the deputy of the depths of I am Xianzhou.!”
“Humph,Do you still want to have a last thing??Is there a lesson??”Fairy sword:“Continue to the Criminal Law tomorrow,Misused,If Lin Feng does not appear in time,He will regret it。”
Fairy fish respectfully,When you turn around。
Pathfall, Huangquan Waterfall, a wolf toothstone floating in the water,Still emit a strong light,Time and space distortion,Maintain1Compare10Tens of time acceleration,The waterfall is like a stone like a stone like a knee.。
His body is tall,Reward of the waterfall,But the body is full of horrible power,Suddenly he opened his eyes,Double 光 光 光 光 光。
The master of this body is naturally Lin Feng。
“I finally couldn’t help but want to trader.。”Lin Feng mysterical。
“The transaction will throw him,Take a good one。”The voice of the sea sounded:“Anyway, this nine quiet and Shenzhou is very evil。”
“How long does this wolf tooth rod can burn??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“Almost almost,Boy,You are too waste of this kind of practice.。”The figures of the sea have emerged。
“Waste is also worth。”Lin Feng carrying the double hand looking at the void:“Add three points,Recover,Hematic concentration increases three points,Unfortunately, it is more difficult.,Drip stone,Sea emperor,I am going to temporarily stop the black hole realm,Continue to grind the present realm according to this method。”
“good,fair enough,Less omissions。”Haihuang explained:“Make a bit more,Create a person in this gods practice system,If it is not condensed,I want to enter the realm,almost impossible。”
“Yes,Is it difficult to be in this place,The big practice system has planned,Worried about the intermediate realm。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“I don’t know if I’m helping me.。”
“The original god is the most horrible flame in the sky.,Quenching god,body,Evil, etc., even the god is also effective,You can try it now。”Haihuang reminded:“But be careful。”
“I know this,it is good,I use my own god fire to refine my body.。”Lin Feng’s eyes hope to the void。
His figure is a fine dust,The impact of Huangquan Waterfall is extremely weak.,A light screen is coming around him,Responsive the impact of Huangquan Waterfall,And take out a black bottle。
Open black bottle,Suddenly http://www.etogps.cn there is a hazy airflow,This hazy airflow is a flame form,It is this source of fire,This source of fire suddenly has no temperature at this moment.。
“strangeness?”Lin Feng looked at the source of fire.。
“You don’t have to surprise,This source is like this.,Surface temperature changes,Can be hot,Incinerate Halftone,Temperature broiler,One of the fine dust in the people cannot melt。”Haihuang explained。
“so it is。”Lin Fengpi knees sit in the void,Turtle,Suddenly in the black bottle, the original god fire rushes to Lin Feng’s mouth.,Lin Feng will be wrapped by a flame between Lin Feng.。
Spying,It’s like it is in the oven.,Lin Feng face painful straight sweat。
“Your kid is really enough!”Haihuang looked at Lin Feng just painful face:“When the general god is burned,Also bite the teeth to play over,Semi-step god http://www.pkei8s.cn is even more miserable。”
“I can play the hipster!”Lin Fengboxao:“The original god fire is powerful,But in a sense, in a sense,I am a flame of the fire of Xuanhuang.。”
“This is also。”Haihuang Wen Yan nodded,Know that guys in front of you can’t do it with often theory。
Just here in this moment of empty sounds,The black bottle has emerged in a flame,These flames are rolling,Spread,Void incineration。
Lin Feng is overwhelming.。
Just in this engraved in Dantian, Tana, the earth-shaking change,One of the original temperament from the sky,Direct injection into the celestial body,This sky is like a recovery.。
Be full of vitality。
Like a powerful heart。
This sky has passed the sound of snoring,It’s like a heart breathing,And every time you swallow,There is a mysterious airflow spread from inside.,This gas flow presents chaotic green。
Directly spread to Lin Feng,Suddenly Lin Feng’s limbs are full of strength。
Lin Feng head suddenly emerged from a black airflow,This black airflow is like a residue.。
“This”The powerful enemy of the sea spreads out,Permeate Lin Feng’s body,Suddenly see this scene。