Summer is in turn is a glimpse。
Some of the eyebrows,I also flash in my eyes。
He doesn’t meet with the pair,This is the second time。
Not only is not a friend,Even each other。
Tell your story?
Summary is guessing。
But I am not free.,He listened to what the other party said。
Mr. Ning looks at the summer,Subsequently removed,Slowly,“I am born in a big family in the rice country., Don’t look at me like that,The Chinese have more money in the rice country.,Even than those world-class richness is not bad。”
He called out a breath,Faint,“My parents are very good to me.,But others don’t like me.,Even my grandparents have always said that I am a wild child.。Later I got to school.,Agency,I secretly made identification,I am indeed my father.,But he has always been very good to me.,Very good,Unfortunately, I am in the third day.,He died in a car accident.。”
“You can think about it,The only protect my father died,I only have me and my mother,In such a family,What kind of days will it be?……”
He put his hand,“The process does not say,In short,Just like this,I finally controlled this family.,In this period,I also learned some past from my mother’s mouth.。”
Between Mr. Ning’s look is quite complex。
“My mother said,That is twenty-nine years ago.,She accidentally saved an injured man……”
His words have not finished,Summer interrupted。
“Then your mother takes care of the injured man,And have feelings,I didn’t expect it.,The man did not speak after hurting.?”
Mr. Ning,Summer,“How do you know??”
“Because this is very dog blood。”
Summer look,“Because I have heard a very similar story soon.,Right,You won’t be a brother with the Thunder?”
First2085Chapter Unexpected
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First2085Chapter Unexpected
No wonder summer will think more。
Because,Thunder with him on the rooftop,Also said a very very similar story。
Now Mr. Ning said,Let him give birth to a familiarity that cannot be speechless。
They will not really……A boring。
I rely on。
Summer was scared by this thought。
Ningxian’s voice came,Ambiguous,Repeat,“I remember,That is the Thunder,Is your comrades?”
Starting from the two,Many people he say,Unreasonable,He has had a deep investigation in the summer。
Friends and friends around him,Even enemies,I have a big understanding。
Summer sway,“Please continue your table……Heap,Continue http://www.592lxwz.cnyour story。”
Mr. Ning smiled,“Still call me Ning Yuan。”
Toned,He also,“As you said,My biological father will not say,At that time, my mother had to marry my father.,But my father is really good to me and my mother.……Later, I came back.,Taking the Thunder to control the home,Thereafter,I will all energy,All are placed in my own father.。Because that is the only source of my mother!”
“Have you found it??”