Once these awards,Wang Zhen’s position is even stronger。

Of course,Wang Zhen has never been floating。
She firmly remembered what Shen Huan said to her,Exchange sincerity,Treat every guest and resident guest,Are very sincere。
This attitude,Of course others can tell,So when doing the show,Will add more seriousness,This in turn will make the show more real and beautiful。
See this effect,Wang Zhen admires Shen Huan more。
With the photos sent to Shen Huan by Miss Sister,The size gets bigger and bigger,Several of them almost made Shen Huan spray blood。
So now Wang Zhen is here,Shen Huan thought about the photos before,Look at the real person again,It’s normal to be a little bit ready。
Wang Zhen is a broadcaster,Exercise for so long at work,It’s also very good at observing words。
Shen Huan looks at her from time to time,She was caught。
I saw the cute look of the little boy Shen Huan,Wang Zhen is also very happy。
After all, this big fierce beauty.Hostess,I made a vow when I was in the United States,I’m going to give birth to a son for Shen Huan。
She has been looking forward to seeing,The combination of myself and Shen Huan,What kind of a genius son can you bring。
Have such a lofty goal,Wang Zhen worked so hard。