Qiaojia,It’s not like this。

“What happened to Qiao Yue??”
“Ruined,Suicide by jumping off the building。”
“.”Ou Baobao,This book,Really heavy。
“Compared with this book,Our two books,Actually it’s okay.”Baby Ou has to say,Happiness is really a comparison。
And since my mother has found out for a long time,But only now,Just prove,Mom doesn’t plan to do anything。after all,Their home is a background board for bankruptcy to give money。
Just avoid this,That’s it。And now,obviously,It’s no longer possible for Zhanyan to make her brother fall in love with her and Ono fall in love again,My brother is also running on the road of philosopher,Distance master,It’s so far, so much。The plot of the first book,Already collapsed。
Then,Bankruptcy give money background board cannon fodder and so on this series of settings,Are not established。
But Baby Ou also knows,The story that my mother has been talking about,It may be straightforward to break out a future in the plot。
Although Ou Baobao thinks,This may be minimal,but,Have to guard against.
Because I heard the wild and cheap selling Daou Group in the plot,Baby Ou is still so angry。Although in the plot, Yuze’s company,It may not be the big European group of mother in reality,but,Now the plot of this third book has begun,And the company related to Huaiye,There is only one Daou Group。and so,Still have to be angry and beware!!!
You are unreasonable,Just kill your own group of people,Why are you taking our house?.
Want money,Not earn it by yourself?No brains and hands?
Baby Ou muttered these feelings and talked to Ou Zhaozhao for a long time,Ou Zhaozhao hugged her for a long time。
“I really don’t know what I can do。Yang family,Jingjia,Qiaojia,It’s all family affairs,Renjie didn’t even yell,I hum can’t be a mediator or a fairy girl?Moreover,Jing Jia Yang Jia is obviously the kind of unconscious mind in the plot,I don’t want to deal with this kind of people。I’m afraid I can’t help but run away,Kick them.”
Baby Ou hit her mother’s arms,Haha laughing endlessly。
Really。I’m sorry for holding the whole world like this,The whole world owes me people for ideas,Can’t make sense,It’s even more unlikely to reach a consensus。Flying kick can be regarded as a normal treatment.
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