Fertilizer products sell well in the South


Fertilizer products sell well in the South

Perhaps there will be Zhang Ailing’s saying that 鈥渢he fat is tense and tense鈥?is not the right one, and the girls who frequently appear in the film and television albums are mostly shaped and sold, and the various provocative means of promotion, so the market looks different.Different weight loss products are endless.

According to the report, in the past two years alone, more than 50 new faces have been added to the molecular weight of long-term weight loss health products.

銆€銆€However, in the 30 years of Hedong, 30 years of Hexi, through the advocacy of skinny bones to harm the health of young people, people of insight scream, must face up to the permissible effects of weight loss on society, and advocate healthy beauty.

In quantity, more and more full-bodied and healthy Jiali endorsed the famous American magazine Modern, the British regulations prohibit the modelling industry, the advertising industry employs the law of underweight and under 16 models, and excessive dieting has become the world’s five new diseases.Take one. Europe and the United States have already whipped up the wind of “fullness of beauty.”

銆€銆€Today, this “west wind” has already reached the east.

In some provinces and regions in the south of the South, the fattening products horns are blowing, creating momentum in various media, and holding weights with weight-loss products.

銆€銆€Nanguo new blowing and fattening wind in a large shopping mall in Chengdu, a monthly product of a fattening product reached hundreds of thousands.

Why is there such a brilliant record?

As the advertisement for fattening products says: With strong muscles, shiny skin is considered healthy.

You are too skinny, dressing is not good; you are thin and weak, love is a problem; weight loss is easy to suffer from 19 diseases. Many of the effects caused by thinness have caused people’s attention, and earned more people’seyeball.

銆€銆€In Guangzhou, in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, in Shanghai, the fattening of a woman who is thin and fat in the face of a “sexual generosity”.

The reporter dialed the phone number of the Guangzhou pharmacy as a buyer. The lady at the service desk said that they sold very few varieties of fattening drugs, but they sold very well. One oral liquid has been out of stock.

She told the reporter the phone of the manufacturer.

When the call was made, the consultant said that their products were sold well in the south, especially in the coastal cities. They have not yet entered the northern market because relatively thin people in the north are much less than in the south.

銆€銆€Mr. Lin of a medical and health care products company in Xi’an also told reporters that they have been producing a kind of fattening capsules for more than two years, and they have sold well in Guangdong, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shaanxi and Yunnan.

The inspiration for making fattening products comes from a recipe that I got by chance. It seems right now!

銆€銆€There is no wave in the northern market. It seems that there is a market space for fattening products. Can it attract more medical and health care products companies, especially the more well-known enterprises involved in it?

Ms. Peng, from the after-sales service department of Chongqing Kangshou Health Food Research Institute, said that we have no plans to produce fattening products.

“What’s wrong with thinness, as long as it is not because the body is sick and thin, there is no need to treat, eat some Chinese medicine to tonify the stomach and stomach, eat more.”

If it is genetic, it is harder to get fat.

Those fattening products are marked to increase fat quickly, will not add hormones.

Mr. Sun, from the Marketing Department of Jiangsu Huiyuan Nutritional Health Products Co., Ltd., said that he would not consider engaging in fattening products, and only make the existing products bigger and better.

“There is a specialization in the industry, and each company has its own expertise and main direction.

Following others is also a step-by-step process. What do you do well is a short-sighted and short-term behavior.

Luo Xu, the head of the Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Market Department, made a very clear statement after understanding the reporter’s intentions.

銆€銆€How big is the market space for fattening products in the north?

The reporter visited several pharmacies, hospitals and fitness centers in Beijing.

In the health product counter of Qinghe Chenqing Pharmacy in Haidian District, the clerk said that only weight loss products.

At the Chinese medicine counter, a middle-aged female clerk said that she had previously sold 鈥渋ncreasing fat鈥?(the reporter then searched the Internet for the drug without fruit), 99 yuan a box, not many people bought, long ago did not sell.

To use fat, it is better to use this “spleen and stomach health”, a box is only 28 yuan.

The reporter called the drug company in Shenzhen, and Ms. Liu said that the spleen and stomach have a good appetite, and eating may be able to gain weight.

In the Yongtai Community Shen Herbal Shop in Haidian District, a full-fledged female clerk smiled and said that you are the second to get fattening drugs, no.

“How thin is it.”

“At the Youxiang Golden Elephant Pharmacy in Xuanwu District, a fat middle-aged female clerk listened to the reporter’s inquiry and was surprised. “No, never sold.”

The reporter learned from the Peking University Third Hospital, the Beijing Military Region General Hospital, the pharmacists at the 306 Hospital that they have not been to fattening drugs.

The reporter also asked the fitness and beauty institutions whether they could gain weight, and they all got a positive answer. The price ranged from seven to eight thousand yuan to two or three thousand yuan.

“However, most of the people who want to gain weight from fitness are young men.

A front desk attendant at a fitness center told reporters.銆€銆€Experts advised the younger and thinner younger people to propose that if the drug or health care products can be grown as quickly as possible, it is good to achieve the ideal body shape. However, is a certain product safe and effective?

銆€銆€Professor Jin Youyu from the Pharmacy Expert of Capital Medical University believes that some of the fattening products are actually Jianpi Pills, the main components of Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Chenpi, 鏋?,, Hawthorn, etc., Jianpi Pills only need 10 yuan per box, once turned into aWith the fattening products, the price will skyrocket.

If a product is really safe and effective, it can be a good thing to make a thin person grow fat.

However, there are many reasons for weight loss. Consumers must go to the hospital to check that there is no disease and then consider increasing weight.

In addition, the method of fattening can also be used to transform superstitious drugs and health care products.

Because of this, Professor Jin also reminded the company to think twice and not blindly follow the trend to expand production.