“Nationality,I have no betrayal family。”

Cristina continues to retreat,Whisper,“I just think,You are old,Not suitable sitting in this position,These years because of your many decisions,Make a family
Suffegetable,You should take a rest.。”
Rose’s face iron,Exactly,“Nowadays, http://www.ailianhe.cn there is only one heirs left.,This location is so late.,Why are you?……”
“Why?You ask me why?Hahahahaha。”
Christina was laughed,Sound sharpness,As if it is crazy。
This moment,She never hides the grievances and hatred in their eyes.,Watching Ross thousands of knives,“Forty years ago,My mother just pregnant me.,And that year,My father
Dead,Whether you are,Still,I said that my father is dying to encircle the Chinese and emperor.,You also care for me and my mother these years.,We are all grateful to you.
This sentence is said,Rose’s face changed。
Come into the cold。
Christina sharp voice continued to ring,Laugh,“I am afraid that you haven’t thought about it.,At the age of fifteen years old,I know the truth,My father,Is killed by you!
I don’t care who is the long,I just want http://www.weixin008.cn you to die.!”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1412Chapter Watch
Looking at the same expression as if the Christina Massen is like crazy,The look of the Ethnic Rose is equally complex。
Waiting to the other party,His depth,“Is Gaskel told you?,So did he tell you?,At that time, your father first shot me.……”
Christina,Then the color of the ridicule,It is a poison to the extreme。
“Of course, tell me.,Indeed, my father appeared to you.,The result is killing you,Then my mother?,Not a few years of depression,Do you think I don’t know what you did?
??Your pork is not as good as the animal!”
This sentence is said,Rose’s eyes are more cold.,A pair of scorpions is like a poisonous snake, it is generally not cold.。
He stared at Christina,Killing is not hidden,“What to say,Cook’s participation in the killing meeting,It is the contact person that you secretly and act as the abyss organization.,Right
Christina’s face slightly changed,The eye angle is so light soon across the summer door.,And then laughing,“You don’t have to provoke,Cook’s death and I have nothing to do,You think kill
Will God believe in God??”
Cook is Rose’s son,He is invited to participate in the killing conference,And the abyss unite and want to deal with the summer,The result was killed by mysterious women.。
Rose revenge for a son,This league……
Ross seems to be targeted by Christina,But this sentence is to listen to the summer.。
If you really chase the source,Christina is the culprit。
“Because I know my son very well,He also always likes you,I didn’t let him participate in the killing conference.,But he still went.,Only you can say you。”
After the end,Opportunities do not give Christina,I finally got http://www.tongshangdc.cn to the summer.。
He did not continue to provoke,Suspected seeds have already planted,More to talk more,“Kill god,You are very strong,But do you think really can kill me??”
“I haven’t planned to do it.。”
Ross,Slightly frown。