No one knows how low the temperature of this ice sculpture,Just touch it slightly,The whole person broke into four or five pieces。

Such a scene is in the eyes of the people,It’s just that people feel more than any extent.。
I don’t know who is collapsed first.,Since the horror escapes。
Then everyone started to flee。
The is too terrible.,It is an overlord,So many people are in his eyes,It’s really like a slaughter, slaughtering.。
Especially his murder,The living is divided into a dozen ice patches.,It’s too confusing。
See the black bevel member to run,All members of the people and the world of people are very profitable,Swords and swords。
“Walk away,Go away,Leave here。”
Elsa, which is proud of you,It turned entirely at this moment.,Face is pale,No sillet。
More than a dozen masters,No matter how to exit。
“Lady,Be careful……”One of them screamefully,The rest of them are all awkward。
The madness is rushing to them at a lightning speed.。
“Stop him!Block him for me——”Elha sharply called。
However, all this is futile.。
His god master around him,Fine can’t stop the violentity of the madness。
He opened the biggest in the crowd,Ruthless kill,Blue hair flying,Very wild wild,I don’t know when it is,The brushes that have been raised in his body,It seems to become a crystal clearing.,The coldness of the transition is cold。
Last,He rushed into the protection of Elsa’s guards.。
These people have waved in the war of Shura.,Are God’s war。
But in the face of the hegemony of the madness,It is difficult to continue。
Don’t say counterattack,Even the barrier can’t go。
“Hey……”Connected thorns。
The volatility of the fly frost is too terrible.,As long as the palm is taken,Immediately become ice sculpture。
Subsequent,Ice cream armor on him,Reverse,Endless frost particles wear more than 10 masters of the body in the moment,The scream is connected to a piece。
This is no longer called it.。
But a massacre。
Not in a moment,All God-level masters around Elsa,Including the ban on the two and Luo Tian fierce,All are all ruthless。
Full-floor frost,Only Elsa stood there。
In addition to those who escape,And people who are being stopped by people in the world at this moment,This place is rounded from 10 meters,Only Elsa one。
Looking at the madness of a step,Elsa scared the soul。
50 god master brought by yourself,In addition to and cultivate more than a dozen,More than 30 people left,Just within this very short time,Before you are in front of you。
“You,You don’t kill me,Me……I am a father is one of the leaders of the black.,You,If you dare to move me?……The entire black isna will not let you go.……”Ersha also has a good strength。
But she is very clear,It is not enough to see in front of the madness.。
Can only be jealous of the other party with identity background。
From small to large,Elsa is the genius in the black is,In all kinds of compliments and applause,Especially her high IQ,Plus beautiful appearance,Hurdling a large number of followers。