“Well,Then I will wait and see it.,I will go to Li Xian.,Anyway, how to say that the play is definitely。”

Say,Li Mei is gently getting up,Then a pair of jade hands slowly climbed the landlord’s neck。
The red and bright thin lips kissed the landlord,Lu Changsheng is also lit like the movement of the other party.。
But soon Li Mei is a pushing to the other party。
“I will go first.,If you have a beautiful thing,I will go back to my room to find me.。”
Looking at the waist of the other party,Bright and charming hips,Lu Changsheng gently touched his lips and laughed.。
“Do not worry,They will not count our most original ways to deal with them.。”
I heard the words of Lu Changsheng,Li Mei also turned over and threw a glance against Lu Changsheng.。
“OK,Then I can wait for your good news.。”
Say,She disappeared directly at the door。
And Lu Changsheng also directly changed a relatively casual clothes.。
The reason why Li Mei can have so many sites.,It’s entirely because he,Those sites,Those land snakes are all in his pair of fists.。
Originally, he hate to use his fist to solve the problem.,But I didn’t expect that even if I reached the current level, I still need to use the most original approach.。
He believes that under the premise of do not have external interference,No one is to withstand his tricks。
Is Li Hui’s http://www.120asd.cn way。
Just in Li Mei went to Li Xianer’s soft day night.,More than a few hotels under Suwa’s hand were gave up.,The other party rides the unlicensed motorcycle,A group of three five people,Handheld baseball stick,Rushing into the hotel is a fierce,The most critical is the other party with a helmet。
The clerk immediately alarm,But the other party seems to do this very much,Evidence left by the root is very good。
If it is a shop,Su cool feeling is a small problem,But more than ten shops have encountered,That is some people premedited.。
Although the loss is not very large,But but frightened a lot of diners.,The turnover in the evening is also a sudden drop。
According to monitoring,The police saw the full service armed,No face exposed,Even the photo of the motorcycle is not,I can only see the scene of the other http://www.fuyajiaju.cn party drilling into the park.,This kind of situation allows the police to check for a time.。
Su Qing is also a difficulty of knowing this investigation.,Can only make the clerk carefully。
The next day, I will find someone to pick up the damaged things early in the morning.。
But by the next evening,When the passenger traffic is most,The glass of the store is suddenly exploded.,More than ten stores of glass explosion,This is immediately a panic of diners.。
This time, Su Qing is also a serious thing.,At the same time, I know that Li Mei is out.,Except for her,He feels that others can’t do such a madness.。
Even if he did a good job by the other party’s retaliation.。
The result of the third day did not happen,But people who go to eat are significantly less than a half.。
At the same time, it is also a rumor.,The store that he did business was a sinner.,Someone wants to retaliate,Others say that people who retaliate him want to blow up the hotel.,Thinking about life is important or important。
As a result,More than a dozen stores under Su’an, in almost three days,Business is a blemish。
Su cool here,Xu Ruzhen and Jin Mingwu are naturally known for the first time.,Both are ready to prepare,Also expanding the security personnel,No dead angle patrol monitoring day 24 hours a day。
The camera has also increased a lot。
But the other party seems to be rushed to cool.,Xu Ruzhen did not get any response with Jin Mingwu’s busy。
But there is no reaction,It is the best reaction to them.。