Chapter 68 · Burning sky

27Afternoon,Night near night,The sky is burned again。
Noisy traffic,I gradually wake up night。
Quiet war is spread in the air in the air。
Flame savings in the dark foundation。
Tonight tonight,12Take on time。
This morning6Half,Kohumang smashed the life and death volume,The odd mourning seems to have seen this thing that is contaminated with undetected breath.,A bit biting。
But next moment,The old-fashioned phone in his hand sounded。
“Yusheng?”He picked up the phone horror,I heard the sound of each other。
“what?I have to play chess with this person with you.?”Qingma is more horrified。
The dead command of the head,Tomorrow at noon,Must beat this person called Koho,Take his fortune。
But the consequences of Yucheng did not inform the failure。
“Don’t want a failure,Conducive to increase win,This is the quality you should have, you said yes.?Qingyu。”This is the case。
He was completely forced to fight,Must have to make a dead battle。
Qingmazu is really do not understand,In order to defeat the science,Even his name knows。
But now,He has no default.,Can only go back a battle。
Indexes,100% challenge success rate,I will force my enemies to force the cliff。
The agreed battle time is ten o’clock tonight.,Swamp’s main continuous battle,Need a recovery time,Science is also a person who has a night.,Also slowly。
The two sides will enter the dead scene of the fight.,One of the blood must be splashed five steps。
Five p.m——
Science is naturally awake,Energy is restored to perfection,The first look is a familiar ceiling。
Looked outside the window,Burning sunset。
I saw a time,It’s 5 pm,Night opening。
Life and death rolls have been launched,But what will gamble?,What will fail?。
He meditated the window outside the window。
Recalling the feeling of just sleeping。
He finally remembered who he was.。
turn out to be,This is me.。
He knocked his fist。
A deep breathing getting up,Pushing the door to the living room,Since today is Sunday,Just a holiday, autumn is always lying on the sofa on the couch.。
Maybe it’s god.,Forget the lights,The whole living room is quite intentional under the sunset.。
“I finally woke up.,Why did you go last night?,How didn’t be returned overnight??Is it related to the beautiful girl??”
“almost,What I have to do tonight is also related to the beautiful girl,It is likely that it is not returned overnight.。”Corona twisted the neck sleeping until the soreness,Come to the balcony。