Can’t do anything。

Mu Long Shi。
Beyond Fanling,As small。
“Rumble Rumble Rumble~~~~~~~~~~~”
suddenly,Loud noises came from the depths of the valley,Under the rain,You can see that the little stream valley is being knocked away by some ancient beast,Mountain rock、The trees were smashed into it,With that manic sweep, they rushed towards the valley road……
Everyone was shocked,How could a long-dried mountain forest cause flash floods because of this rain!
This rain,Most moisturize the forest,It is impossible to cause such a torrential flood。
I saw that the flood filled the stream,Unstoppable rolling through the fields of Ronggucheng,And pouring arbitrarily towards the narrow path that enters the valley!
The narrow road into Ronggok Castle,Overcrowded,It is the army of riots that has been gathered from the wasteland,How could their long team think that such a flood of valley would flood in the peaceful valley city?……
A wailing!
I don’t know how many people from the soil were swallowed by the flood of this valley,They want to retreat,But because of the narrow terrain of this valley,So that they don’t even have a place to hide from flash floods!
Thousands of people have been ravaged by this flash flood,They were slapped to death on the rocks by the flood,Drowned in the water,Was washed into the river valley triangle。
The army of menacing riots,It was easy to break the city,But because of this critical flash flood, most of it collapsed,The corpse drifts with the mountain stream。
Looking down from a height to this shocking scene,I wish Minglang’s heart is rolled up and the waves are also up!
He remembered that under the steps of the mansion gate,Polite and weak scholar。