Talking,Su Luo took the opportunity to put the speaker in his hand into Meiqi’s hand,Then walk away,Not give her a chance to react。</p>

Meiqi is very helpless,I want to plug the speaker into Huahua,But he was swiftly avoided。</p>
Less than five minutes,Many Ming girls have come down,Ten minutes later,All the Ming girls are assembled,Meiqi held the speaker for a long time and didn’t know what to say。</p>
Let Ming sisters look forward to Mei Qi,They have changed their clothes,what’s next?</p>
Su Luo walked over helplessly,Took the speaker,Watching Ming sisters say:“You will be here,Conduct a three-month closed training,Today, the three of us are responsible for teaching,Every day if the sun is not particularly dazzling,We practice singing right here,Then the next thing to do is to run,Do some exercise,Need to exercise your breath,sometimes,You need to do some actions on the stage,If you breathe too much,It won’t sound very good,Even out of sound,This is already a serious stage mistake。”</p>
Meiqi and Huahua both nodded,Meiqi is a singing and jumping singer,No one agrees with Su Luo more than her。</p>
And Huahua debuted for so long,Nothing seen,What Su Luo tells,Is indeed a situation。</p>
The truth is not difficult to understand,Subsequently,Su Luo divided the Ming sisters into three teams,Three people with a team。</p>
Big playground,Completely tolerates them running freely,And the villa is full of flowers,When running,The smell is a strong floral fragrance。</p>
Make people feel better,And beautiful scenery。</p>
After running,Just do some simple actions,push ups,Crotch support,Squat or something。</p>
This is for fat people,Really a torment,Especially the size of Daniel,Chubby,It’s just that you run more than half a circle behind the team。</p>
After doing some simple training,Su Luo let these Ming girls practice speaking,Sing to experience after I did exercise,The breath when singing again。</p>
Let them learn to control,But all this is not in a hurry,Need to be progressive,After doing exercise,To take them to class in the classroom。</p>