[How to make cold buns?

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[How to make cold buns?
】 _How to do_Homely

Head is a staple food that is often eaten in life. Relatively speaking, talents in Shandong are loyal fans of steamed bread. If you do n’t eat steamed bread every day, you feel like you have not eaten.

And if you do n’t eat buns for a long time, you will feel very embarrassed to see others eating.

The practice of the head is super simple, but sometimes there are still some gimmicks in the home.

So what is the best way to make cold buns at home?

How to eat the leftover buns: cumin fried egg buns materials: 1, 2 buns, eggs, salt, cumin, minced green onions.

Practices: 1. Cut the buns into small pieces and beat the eggs with salt.

2. Wrap the buns in the egg mixture.

3. Heat the oil in a wok and stir-fry the steamed buns and cumin in a wok over low heat until discolored.

4. Add the minced green onion and stir well before leaving the pan.

How to eat the remaining steamed buns: fried steamed bun materials: 2 steamed buns, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon of edible salt, half a bowl of water, and an appropriate amount of cooking oil.

Method: 1. Slice the buns, don’t make it too thin;

2. Dip the steamed buns in salt water and remove the small bubbles.

3. Break and stir the eggs evenly, soak the steamed buns from the salt water into the egg liquid for a while, and remove them for half a minute.

4, put the oil in the pan, the amount of the tile bottom of the pan may be slightly higher, just put the steamed buns after the oil is hot, color the fire on a small fire and taste, fry on both sides until brown.

Tips: steamed buns soaked in salt water, so that you can add the flavor in advance, and save the salt with salt to improve the flavor.

How to make the remaining steamed buns: milk-flavored steamed buns Ingredients: 2 steamed buns, 20 grams of dough, 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Practice: 1. Cut the remaining buns into small pieces.

2. The oil melts into a liquid state, so that each bun is evenly covered with oil.

3. Add a microwave oven and heat to medium heat until the surface is slightly burned. The specific heating time depends on the power of the microwave oven. For my 800W, it took me 3 minutes.

4. After taking out the steamed buns, sprinkle a layer of sugar while hot and mix well.