As the highest place today, Lu Shengjie,The first one was requested to go to the front desk.。

NS503chapter Health game advice
“Mid-1990s,In the United StatesEARepresented by the company《Command and conquest》Waiting for online games to enter the Mainland market,Also blow up the first video game style in China,Many game companies、studio,In the rain, spring bamboo shoots,There are many masterpieces,Preamble《Chibi》、Otte《Armor storm》Wait。
Unfortunately, because the market is not mature enough、Limited business、Many factors affecting the impact of piracy,Most game companies are difficult to maintain,The domestic game industry began to enter the underestimation。
until2000Years later,Introducing Korean online games《legend》Start,After touching the profit model of the game time,Let the game industry re-enhanced a living。
《legend》Successful,Create a huge economic benefit,It also drives the domestic online game market to develop rapid development.……”
Lu Shengjie stands on the stage,Start a speech on the related topic of online games,Start from the origin of domestic online games,First, review and summarize the development history of the game industry in the past few years.,Then there is some prospects for future development prospects.。
Look out,He made full preparation in advance.,Talk about,Basically put the history of domestic games.,Many dry goods,About fifteen minutes,Successfully ended this spoke。
Shao Xianping immediately came to the stage:“Thanks to Lu Minister’s wonderful speech,It’s really good to say.,I am a person who knows a semi-solving game industry.,Listen to the speech of Lu Minister,It is basically a clear understanding of the history of domestic game development.,Thanks to the speech of Lu Minister。
Next, we continue to invite guests to speak on stage.,The second guest is Wang Liwang, Chairman of Tiansheng Group,I have to ask Wang Guan to go to the stage.。”
Fruits around the audience。
Statement is negotiated before,Wang traffic is not accidentally,Prepare a speech in advance,Similar occasions he also attended a lot in the past,The king didn’t have a little officer.,Laugh,Suspend,First sweeping your eyes,Then smile:
“Thank you for your invitation from the organizer of this annual meeting.,Let me have a fortunate event to participate in this game,At the same time, thank you for giving me this opportunity.,Let me discuss with everyone。
Just now Lu Minister has made a wonderful review and summary of the development history of the domestic game industry.,I also put forward some prospects for the future development.,Very exciting,I have died here.。
I will tell some of the current games today.。
Pending from the 1990s,Always developed to now,Especially after the rapid development of these years,The domestic game market has reached tens of millions of scale,And still developing rapidly。
The game has become one of the main purposes of domestic Internet users.,According toICReport released at the beginning of the year,Up to the end last year,There are only more than 60 million netizens in China.,Compared to13Total population,The domestic Internet market has huge potential for excavation。
And with the gradual increase of Internet users,The game market will definitely be more prosperous,The future prospect is very considerable。
certainly,The industry is getting better and better,It is undeniable,There is also a lot of problems in the eyes.,The first is the pirated problem mentioned by Lu Minister.。
This is a big dictation of the game industry.,From the start of the game industry,Even the starting momentum of the domestic game industry is blocked because of the impact of piracy.,How much huge hazards can be seen。
Now piracy still exists,The problem of private service is repeated,More than Shengsheng suffered a lot loss,All peers present,Which is not suffering from private service?
Piracy is still a tumor that is shrouded in the industry,I want the industry to continue healthy and rapid development,Must remove this cancer。
This light relies on our efforts to work hard.,Still depends on the country,Legislative protection of intellectual property from legal level,Severely crack down on piracy。
This not only the game industry,All walks of life will benefit,Be more healthy in the future、More powerful development。”
Everyone nodded,This is said that they have gone in their hearts.,Both game manufacturers,Which of these years did not suffer from private service??
Not only the benefits have suffered huge losses,Also due to the crude abuse of private service,Connecting a reputation is seriously damaged,Is equal to yourself,Also back to the black pot for the private service,Private service problem,Everyone has long gone.,If you can legislate,They absolutely raise their hands。
Lu Shengjie also nodded,Watching slight flashing,Heartbead starts。
Wang traffic swept the reaction of people,Donned and continued:“The second is plug-in problem,Like the pirate,This is also a major toxic tumor in the industry.。
A few years ago,All kinds of plugs,Severe affecting game balance,Limit the healthy development of the game industry。
Tiansheng and the police join hands several times,Rehabilitate multiple plug-in production trafficking gangs,This has a convergence,But this year,The problem of plugging seems to be a trend,It is worth vigilance。
Like the pirated question,This piece has to rely on national shots,Let us cooperate together,Take a good situation that is not easy to maintain the game industry。”
Everyone nodded again,Both game workers,In the face of this difficult disease,They naturally suffer from trouble。
The king can also pass his relationship and the influence of Tiangheng,The joint police struggle,But they don’t have this condition,The impact of the affected hang is more serious,If you can solve,It is also a good thing for them.。
“There is also a reputation,The game industry is an emerging industry,Originally, give you some new entertainment methods,But some people are addicted to themselves.,Therefore delayed the work、Affected life,There are even some minors who are also inadvertent.,Seriously affects academics。
There is a non-small impact on the reputation of the game industry.,Many people in society,Even laminated,I think online game is a flood beast.,I am deeply sick for us.、Strictly guard against death,I am afraid that my family is polluted by the game.,Go on a lottery。
This question must be paid,If you let this lamination continue to go,When I will talk about the game in the future,It must seriously affect the development of the game industry。
Two to delay work because of games、Affected life,This is not only a kind of injury to players.,Also deviated from our original intention,Must think about this situation。