“father。I have been going to the land for a while.,I am really unassay here.。”
“Stop!It is also where it is time to leave this mountain.。”
Song family listened to Song Lao Fifth,Have a laugh。
In this poor mountain,As long as some ways,all gone。
“Pacify,eat first,Do not do something else。”
Song Lao Wuyi finally raised in the village today.。
With the filming of the meat, in the whole village,I don’t know how long I have not eaten the villager.,Since the Song family。
Song Lao Fifold a bowl of meat,I am divided into the people in the village.,This is scattered。
“How many years have not eaten meat?,Today, it is open.。”
The younger brother sitting there asked there:
“US,We went to Beijing,Can you eat meat every day??”
Lin loudly:
“What do you want to eat in Beijing?。”
Lin ring bowl,But you can’t get down chopsticks,After all, I don’t know how many years have not eaten meals.,Look at the still sight。
Because these things are in his eyes,Full of turbidity。
But now it is not good.。
After a few mouthfuls,Just talk to the younger brother in the scent。
The little guy wolf swallowed with a snack,Eating meat,On the side of the forest。
Gradually put the http://www.onlinelawhelp.cnthings of the fragrance。
In order not to let his brother,Give him a hard to give him a bowl。
Finish,Song family packs something,In addition to a few pieces of shower,Other things are locked at home.。
Take the idea of Song Lao Fif,I am not used to Beijing in Beijing.,Just come back。
Early morning,Lin rang in the county town,Song Lao Fifang left the grand life of the grand life under the eyes of the villagers.。
After they got out of the village。
Some people say yin and yang strange:
“Be a good life,Have a daughter who will hook up。”
“I said that you are awkward.。Your daughter is growing in five three thick,If you are so beautiful like a scent,Your home can also move away.。”
The villagers are more。
After all, everyone is all the same.,Now you have developed,Why is it not good?。
I took another day and a half,Finally arrived in Beijing。