Ear Junhao continues to be silent。

“Will your ear family will die all??”
Summer issued a torture。
Ear Jun Hao Zhang Zhang,Speak without saying。
“so,They sent you the true purpose,Is telling me,If I don’t help ear,The ear can all be diverted by the world。”
Ear Jun Hao suddenly looked up。
“This is a positive。”
Summer sighs,“In fact, I have no choice.,Can only help you,Where you sent you,I know that you http://www.nwish.cn have helped me.,I also owe you my ear.……”“you,You will help us?”
A excited excitement on the face of the Ear Junhao。
He is very clear,Although I am just a summer,But as long as he moves,Many people’s attitude will change。
Ji Bao Bottle、Chu Shanhe、Old man、Summer cloud……These are all standing on the summer.。
Those guys who have jeoparded the people in the world,Will also shut up。
Gangan wants to continue to find an ear’s trouble,Summer town,He also has to quantify。
This is the influence of summer。
“I can go to my ear.,But have to wait a few days,I still have hurt.,Need to take a break。”
Summer make this choice,More less, some are not。
There are many reasons.。
first,He owe the junjun Hao and the ear。
Even the calculations of the unknowner parents,I have to pinch the nose.。
Second,He also believes that it is in the sky.。
finally,The most important thing,If the world is really dare to die at home,Then, the black woman behind Gord, will inevitably appear.。
Summer is going to see her。
……Central Plains Provincial Association。
Business capital。
The courtyard of a villa in the suburbs,Sitting in the chair,It is a lot of smoke.。
His arm is interrupted by Gano,Since now recovered,The injury of ribs is heavier,Let him look a little http://www.jdxycl.cn pale。
Sitting on him。
Men’s appearance of ordinary,There is no surprise。
Just his face,More than the ear of the ear,Give a pathological view of the sun that is not seen all year round。
Plus a white hair,Let the man have a special temperament that can’t say it.。
It is in Ling Tianxia。
He put it in the tea cup,Rao is very happy to look at the ear,“What are you afraid of?”