Li Hui Feng said that the big snake is not harmful.,So most cases should be ignorant。

The meeting of the first three hundred and eighty-two chapter Taohua Village
“I am not in the future,You can’t show up,After that, I will take it into a small artificial lake here.,You are cultivating in the lake,I have heard it.?”
Eventually Li apart from the wind to start the gathering,I found that the surrounding heaven and earth aura is crazy to drive this.,This feels that he knows that his array is enlarged.。
Big black is also exciting crazy absorption。
But there is not a few,Stop running。
Because Li Hui has taken the spirit,Then handed over to the big black storage。
The big black is also swallowed directly.,It’s going to leave.。
Disappear in big black,Zhang Qiling is only worried about it.。
“Lee brother,You have determined that the big snake is harmless.?”
“Um,You also saw it,It can understand our language,Is this not harmful enough??”
finally,Zhang Qiling is also a suggestion of Li Hui Feng.。
Directly above the way,Building artificial lake。
Li Hui Feng handed this mission to Yang Tie。
As for the next plan,Li Hui Feng did not continue to communicate with the other party.。
A gathering array, he feels enough to see the incense.。
Want to develop,He feels difficult,Mountain road is rugged,The scenery is also good in the mountains of Lotus Village.。 However, this is indeed a development.。
After Li Hui rose down the mountain,Zhang Qiling is always remembers that the big snake is,He is some fear of the big snake。
He feels that he can’t affore each other.。
It is good to call the call.,That big black snake does not seem to appear here.。
Ninth o’clock in the morning,The mountain is also the beginning of the land.,And he continues to take a margin of a look.。
How much is he still charged before?。
Now he is also a spirit.,I have got a merit box and a fundraising box.。
All money, he is used to fund poor households,At that time, every pen will record it.。
How much is everyone?,What is your name,Or is the net name,As long as the behavior gives money,He recorded him when he recorded it. Who would give it?。
Such a good value,Naturally, people don’t want to mean less money.。
Minimum is also one hundred。
For these patterns of Zhang Qiling,Li Hui is also bitter.。
But he did not stop,After all, everyone has everything。
This is also a book of Zhang Qiling.。
He returned to the village,I saw the leaves of the rushing, and the peach is already waiting for him.。