“Before that, who would have thought that the last standing here would be the Pacers instead of the Eagles?”

“This is simply in**Probability of the same color,But no way,We caught up.”
“Xu Xuan uses his own way,Hit all of us in the face!”
Cole stood still for a while,I don’t know when the banana in my hand is broken。
Suddenly woke him up!
Above the TV screen,Pacers players are still celebrating,He can even hear the excitement of Barkley in his ear、Excited、I can’t believe it or even a fluke。
“Run bang?Ha ha!”
“I didn’t expect them to use running and bombing.”
Cole suddenly sat on the bench,The Pacers’ game gave him inspiration,But it also made him feel a little inexplicable。
That group of mud can’t support the wall really won the game by running and booming?
That was his first tactic,I haven’t got any light yet,But was preempted by others.
Really a dog.
Xu Xuan is very happy!
Xu Xuan is really happy!